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          Immediatelyhe ev’ry effort tried,
          To get the bargain fully set aside. 
          Giles, much distressed, exerted all his might,
          To keep his prize, and prove his conduct right. 
          The cause was carried to the bishop’s court;
          Much noise it made, according to report. 
          At length the parliament would hear the claim,
          And judge a case of such peculiar fame.

          Thevillage lawyer, Oudinet, was brought;
          From him, who drew the contract, truth was sought;
          There rests the cause, for ’tis of recent date;
          While undecided, more we cannot state.

          Howsilly neighbour Stephen must appear! 
          He went against his int’rest now ’tis clear;
          For, when superior pleasure he was shown,
          The fascinating fair was not his own. 
          Good sense would whisper then, ’twere full as well,
          To let remain with Giles the beauteous belle;
          Save now and then, within the leafy shade,
          Where oft Antoinetta visits made,
          And warbled to the shrubs and trees around;
          There he might easily the nymph have found,
          But, if with ease it could not be obtained,
          Still greater pleasure he would then have gained.

          Gopreach me this to silly country louts;
          These, howsoe’er, had managed well their bouts,
          It must not be denied, and all was nice;
          To do the like perhaps ’twill some entice. 
          I much regret my lot was not the same,
          Though doubtless many will my wishes blame.


Her doll, for thought, was just as well designed
How could he give what he had never got? 
In country villages each step is seen

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