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          Quiteout of breath with having quickly run;
          Delighted too that he so soon had done,
          The youth returned most anxious to employ,
          The carpet for his mistress to enjoy,
          But she alas! with rage upon her brow,
          Had left the spot, he knew not why nor how;
          And to her company returned in haste
          The flame extinguished that her mind disgraced. 
          Perhaps she went the jewel to bestow,
          Upon her spouse, whose breast with joy would glow: 
          What jewel pray?—­The one that ev’ry maid
          Pretends to have, whatever tricks she’s played. 
          This I believe; but I’ll no dangers run;
          To burn my fingers I’ve not yet begun;
          Yet I allow, howe’er, in such a case,
          The girl, who fibs, therein no sin can trace.

          Ourbelle who, thanks to Nicaise, yet retained;
          In spite of self, the flow’r he might have gained,
          Was grumbling still, when he the lady met
          Why, how is this, cried he, did you forget,
          That for this carpet I had gone away? 
          When spread, how nicely on it we might play! 
          You’d soon to woman change the silly maid;
          Come, let’s return, and not the bliss evade;
          No fear of dirt nor spoiling of your dress;
          And then my love I fully will express.

          Notso, replied the disappointed dame,
          We’ll put it off:—­perhaps ’twould hurt your frame
          Your health I value, and I would advise,
          To be at ease, take breath, and prudence prize;
          Apprentice in a shop you now are bound
          Next ’prentice go to some gallant around;
          You’ll not so soon his pleasing art require,
          Nor to your tutorage can I now aspire. 
          Friend Nicaise take some neighb’ring servant maid,
          You’re quite a master in the shopping trade;
          Stuffs you can sell, and ask the highest price;
          And to advantage turn things in a trice. 
          But opportunity you can’t discern;
          To know its value,—­prithee go and learn.


Delays are dangerous, in love or war
Opportunity you can’t discern—­prithee go and learn

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