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          Sweet, charming fair, your characters revere;
          The Mamolin’s a bird not common here. 
          With us Love’s fascination is so soon
          Succeeded by the licensed honey moon,
          There’s scarcely opportunity to fool,
          Though oft the husband proves an easy tool.

          Yourfriendships may be very chaste and pure,
          But strangely Cupid’s lessons will allure. 
          Defeat his wiles; resist his tempting charms
          E’en from suspicion suffer not alarms. 
          Don’t laugh at my advice; ’twere like the boys,
          Who better might amuse themselves with toys.

          Ifany one, howe’er unable seem,
          To make resistance ’gainst the flame supreme
          Turn all to jest; though right to keep the crown
          Yet lost, ’there wrong, yourself to hang or drown.


Above all law is might
Ev’ry grave’s the same
Favours, when conferred with sullen air, But little gratify
Historick writ
No folly greater than to heighten pain
No grief so great, but what may be subdued
Of’t what we would not, we’re obliged to do
Removed from sight, but few for lovers grieve
The eyes:—­Soul-speaking language, nothing can disguise
The god of love and wisdom ne’er agree
Tis all the same:—­’twill never make me grieve
Tis past our pow’r to live on love or air
You little dream for whom you guard the store

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