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V-2.  The tabulated list referred to was printed as an appendix to the official edition of this discourse, but is here omitted.

V-3.  American Journal of Science, 1867, p. 402; “Proceedings of American Academy,” vol. viii., p. 244.

V-4.  “Memoirs of American Academy,” vol. vi., pp. 377—­458 (1859)

V-5.  Die vegetation der erde nach ihrer kilmatischen Anordnung,” 1871.

V-6.  Reference should also be made to the extensive researches of Newberry upon the tertiary and cretaceous floras of the Western United States.  See especially Prof.  Newberry’s paper in the Boston Journal of Natural History, vol. vii., No. 4, describing fossil plants of Vancouver’s Island, etc.; his “Notes on the Later Extinct Floras of North America,” etc., in “Annals of the Lyceum of Natural History,” vol. ix., April, 1868; “Report on the Cretaceous and Tertiary Plants collected in Raynolds and Hayden’s Yellowstone and Missouri Exploring Expedition, 1859—­1860,” published in 1869; and an interesting article entitled “The Ancient Lakes of Western America, their Deposits and Drainage,” published in The American Naturalist, January, 1871.

The only document I was able to consult was Lesquereux’s “Report on the Fossil Plants,” in Hayden’s report of 1872.

V-7.  There is, at least, one instance so opportune to the present argument that it should not pass unnoticed, although I had overlooked the record until now.  Onoclea sensibilis is a fern peculiar to the Atlantic United States (where it is common and wide-spread) and to Japan.  Prof.  Newberry identified it several years ago in a collection, obtained by Dr. Hayden, of miocene fossil plants of Dakota Territory, which is far beyond its present habitat.  He moreover regards it as probably identical with a fossil specimen “described by the late Prof.  E. Forbes, under the name of Filicites Hebridicus, and obtained by the Duke of Argyll from the island of Mull.”

V-8.  “Darwinism in Morals,” in Theological Review, April, 1871.

VI-1.  “Histoire des Sciences et des Sevants depuis deux Siecles, suivie d’autres etudes sur des sujets scientifiques, en particulier sur la Selection dans 1’Espèce Humaine, par Alphonse De Candolle.”  Geneve:  H. Georg. 1873.

“Addresses of George Bentham, President, read at the anniversary meetings of the Linnaean Society, 1862—­1873.”

“Notes on the Classification, History, and Geographical Distribution of Compositae.  By George Bentham.”  Separate issue from the Journal of the Linnean Society.  Vol.  XIII.  London. 1873.

“On Palaeontological Evidence of Gradual Modification of Animal Forms, read at the Royal Institution of Great Britain, April 25, 1873.  By Prof.  W.H.  Flower.” (Journal of the Royal Institution, pp. 11.)

“The Distribution and Migration of Birds.  Memoir presented to the National Academy of Sciences, January, 1865, abstracted in the American Journal of Science and the Arts. 1866, etc.  By Spencer F. Baird.”

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