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July 23.—­In the afternoon another messenger arrived from Mansong, with a bag in his hands.  He told me it was the king’s pleasure that I should depart forthwith from the vicinage of Sego; but that Mansong, wishing to relieve a white man in distress, had sent me five thousand kowries, to enable me to purchase provisions in the course of my journey:  the messenger added, that if my intentions were really to proceed to Jenne, he had orders to accompany me as a guide to Sansanding.  I was at first puzzled to account for this behaviour of the king; but from the conversation I had with the guide, I had afterwards reason to believe that Mansong would willingly have admitted me into his presence at Sego, but was apprehensive he might not be able to protect me against the blind and inveterate malice of the Moorish inhabitants.  His conduct, therefore, was at once prudent and liberal.  The circumstances under which I made my appearance at Sego were undoubtedly such as might create in the mind of the king a well-warranted suspicion that I wished to conceal the true object of my journey.  He argued, probably, as my guide argued, who, when he was told that I had come from a great distance, and through many dangers, to behold the Joliba river, naturally inquired if there were no rivers in my own country, and whether one river was not like another.  Notwithstanding this, and in spite of the jealous machinations of the Moors, this benevolent prince thought it sufficient that a white man was found in his dominions, in a condition of extreme wretchedness, and that no other plea was necessary to entitle the sufferer to his bounty.


{1} I believe that similar charms or amulets, under the names of domini, grigri, fetich, &c., are common in all parts of Africa.

{2} Maana is within a short distance of the ruins of Fort St. Joseph, on the Senegal river, formerly a French factory.

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