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Having waited till he was sick of the Music Hall,—­for a music hall without ladies’ society must be somewhat dull,—­he went back to his club.  He was very cross, as brave as brandy could make him, and well inclined to expose Miles Grendall if he could find an opportunity.  Up in the card-room he found all the accustomed men,—­with the exception of Miles Grendall.  Nidderdale, Grasslough, Dolly, Paul Montague, and one or two others were there.  There was, at any rate, comfort in the idea of playing without having to encounter the dead weight of Miles Grendall.  Ready money was on the table,—­and there was none of the peculiar Beargarden paper flying about.  Indeed the men at the Beargarden had become sick of paper, and there had been formed...

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