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“Rosy took back all his own clothes that they’d stole, and then he took theirs for good measure.  He made ’em marry the three ugliest old women on the island—­his own bride excepted—­and when they undertook to use a club or anything, he had them licked instead.  He wore ’em down to skin and bone.  Jule said you wouldn’t believe a mortal man could treat his feller creatures so low down and mean.  And the meanest part of it was that he always called ’em the names that they used to call him aboard ship.  Sometimes he invented new ones, but not often, because ’twa’n’t necessary.

“For a good six months this went on—­just the same length of time that Rosy was aboard the Emily.  Then, one morning early, Julius looks out of one of the holes in the roof of his house and, off on the horizon, heading in, he sees a small steamer, a pleasure yacht ’twas.  He lets out a yell that woke up the village, and races head first for the Emily’s boat that had been rowed around from the other side of the island, and laid there with her oars and sail still in her.  And behind him comes Van Doozen and Cap’n George.

“Into the boat they piled, while the islanders were getting their eyes open and gaping at the steamer.  There wa’n’t no time to get up sail, so they grabbed for the oars.  She stuck on the sand just a minute; and, in that minute, down from the palace comes King Rosy, running the way he run from his first wife over at Hello.  He leaped over the stern, picked up the other oar, and off they put across the lagoon.  The rudder was in its place and so was the tiller, but they couldn’t use ’em then.

“They had a good start, but afore they’d got very far the natives had waked up and were after ’em in canoes.

“‘’Ere!’ screams Cap’n George.  ’This won’t do!  They’ll catch us sure.  Get sail on to ‘er lively!  Somebody take that tiller.’

“Rosy, being nearest, took the tiller and the others got up the sail.  Then ’twas nip and tuck with the canoes for the opening of the barrier reef at the other side of the lagoon.  But they made it first, and, just as they did, out from behind the cliff comes the big steam-yacht, all white and shining, with sailors in uniform on her decks, and awnings flapping, and four mighty pretty women leaning over the side.  All of the Emily gang set up a whoop of joy, and ’twas answered from the yacht.

“‘Saved!’ hollers Cap’n George.  ‘Saved, by thunder!  And now,’ says he, knocking his fists together, ’now to get square with that four-eyed thief in the stern!  Come on, boys!’

“Him and Julius and Teunis made a flying leap aft to get at Rosy.  But Rosy see ’em coming, jammed the tiller over, the boom swung across and swept the three overboard pretty as you please.

“There was a scream from the yacht.  Rosy give one glance at the women.  Then he tossed his arms over his head.

“‘Courage, comrades!’ he shouts.  ‘I’ll save you or die with you!’

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