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Sa’ra.  The same as Sariola. 
Sar’i-o’la.  The same as Pohyola. 
Sat’ka.  A goddess of the sea. 
Sa’wa (Sa’wo).  The eastern part of Finland. 
Sim’a Pil’li (Honey-flute).  The flute of Sima-suu. 
Sim’a-Suu.  One of the maidens of Tapio. 
Sin’e-tar.  The goddess of the blue sky. 
Si-net’ta-ret.  The goddesses of dyeing. 
Suk’ka-mie’li.  The goddess of love. 
Suo’mi (swo’mi).  The ancient abode of the Finns. 
Suo’ne-tar (swone-tar).  The goddess of the veins. 
Suo-wak’ko.  An old wizard of Pohyola. 
Suo’ya-tar (Syo’jatar).  The mother of the serpent. 
Su’ve-tar (Suve, summer).  Goddess of the South-wind
Su-wan’to-lai’nen.  Another name for Wainamoinen. 
Taeh’ti.  The Polar Star. 
Ta-he’tar.  The daughter of the Stars. 
Tai’vas.  The firmament in general. 
Ta-ni’ka.  A magic mansion of Pohja. 
Ta’pi-o.  The god of the forest. 
Tel-le’rvo.  A daughter of Tapio. 
Ter’he-ne’tar.  Daughter of the Fog. 
Tie’ra.  Same as Kura; the Hoar-frost. 
Tont’tu.  A little house-spirit. 
Tu’a-me’tar.  Daughter of the Alder-tree. 
Tu-le’tar (Tuule’tar).  A goddess of the winds. 
Tu-lik’ki (Tuullk’ki).  One of the daughters of Tapio. 
Tu’o-ne’la.  The abode of Tuoni. 
Tuo’nen Poi’ka.  The son of Tuoni. 
Tu’o-ne’tar.  The hostess of Death-land; a daughter of Tuoni. 
Tu-o’ni.  The god of death. 
Tu’ri (Tuuri).  The god of the Honey-land. 
Turja (tur’ya).  Another name for Pohya. 
Tur’ya-lan’der.  An epithet for one of the tribe of Louhi. 
Tur’ya (Tyrja).  A name for the waterfall of Rutya. 
Uk’ko.  The Great Spirit of Finnish mythology; his abode is in Jumala. 
Uk’on-koi’va (Ukko’s dog).  The messenger of Ukko; the butterfly. 
U’lap-pa’la.  Another term for the abode of Tuoni. 
Un’du-tar.  Goddess of the fog. 
U’ni.  The god of sleep. 
Un’ta-ma’la.  A synonym for “the dismal Sariola.” 
Un-ta’mo.  The god of dreams; the dreamer; a brother of Kalervo, and
his enemy. 
Un’tar.  The same as Undutar. 
Un’to.  The same as Untamo. 
Utu-tyt’to.  The same as Undutar. 
Wai’nam-oi’nen (Vainamoinen).  The chief hero of the Kalevala; the
hero of Wainola, whose mother, Ilmatar, fell from the air into the
Wai’no (Vai’no).  The same as Wainamoinen. 
Wai-no’la.  The home of Wainamoinen and his people; a synonym of
Wel-la’mo.  The hostess of the waters. 
Wet’e-hi’nen.  An evil god of the sea. 
Wi-pu’nen (Vipu’nen).  An old song-giant that swallowed Wainamoinen
searching for the “lost words.” 
Wi’ro-kan’nas (Virokan’nas).  Ruler of the wilderness; the slayer of
the huge bull of Suomi; the priest that baptizes the son of Mariatta. 
Wo’ya-lan’der (Vuojalan’der).  An epithet for Laplander. 
Wuok’sen (Vuo’ksen).  A river in the east of Finland. 
Wuok’si.  The same as Wuoksen.

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