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Strongly urged wild Lemminkainen
Not to go to Sariola,
To Pohyola’s great carousal,
To the marriage-feast of Northland,
“Since thou hast not been invited,
Since they do not wish thy presence.” 
Spake the reckless Lemminkainen. 
These the words of Kaukomieli: 
“Where the wicked are invited,
There the good are always welcome,
Herein lies my invitation;
I am constantly reminded
By this sword of sharpened edges,
By this magic blade and scabbard,
That Pohyola needs my presence.” 
Lemminkainen’s aged mother
Sought again to stay her hero: 
“Do not go, my son beloved,
To the feasting in Pohyola;
Full of horrors are the highways,
On the road are many wonders,
Three times Death appears to frighten,
Thrice destruction hovers over!”
Spake the reckless Lemminkainen,
These the words of Kaukomieli: 
“Death is seen by aged people,
Everywhere they see perdition,
Death can never frighten heroes,
Heroes do not fear the spectre;
Be that as it may, dear mother,
Tell that I may understand thee,
Name the first of all destructions,
Name the first and last destroyers!”
Lemminkainen’s mother answered: 
“I will tell thee, son and hero,
Not because I wish to speak it,
But because the truth is worthy;
I will name the chief destruction,
Name the first of the destroyers. 
When thou hast a distance journeyed,
Only one day hast thou travelled,
Comes a stream along the highway,
Stream of fire of wondrous beauty,
In the stream a mighty fire-spout,
In the spout a rock uprising,
On the rock a fiery hillock,
On the top a flaming eagle,
And his crooked beak he sharpens,
Sharpens too his bloody talons,
For the coming of the stranger,
For the people that approach him.” 
Spake the reckless Lemminkainen,
Handsome hero, Kaukomieli: 
“Women die beneath the eagle,
Such is not the death of heroes;
Know I well a magic lotion,
That will heal the wounds of eagles;
Make myself a steed of alders,
That will walk as my companion,
That will stride ahead majestic;
As a duck I’ll drive behind him,
Drive him o’er the fatal waters,
Underneath the flaming eagle,
With his bloody beak and talons. 
Worthy mother of my being,
Name the second of destroyers.” 
Lemminkainen’s mother answered: 
“This the second of destroyers: 
When thou hast a distance wandered,
Only two clays hast thou travelled,
Comes a pit of fire to meet thee,
In the centre of the highway,
Eastward far the pit extending,
Stretches endless to the westward,
Filled with burning coals and pebbles,
Glowing with the heat of ages;
Hundreds has this monster swallowed,
In his jaws have thousands perished,
Hundreds with their trusty broadswords,
Thousands on their fiery chargers.” 
Spake the reckless Lemminkainen,
Handsome hero, Kaukomieli: 
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