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As an outcast from his cabin,
I was forced to walk and wander,
When I, freezing, well reflected,
This the substance of my thinking: 
’I will not endure this torture,
Will not bear this thing forever,
Will not bear this cruel treatment,
Such contempt I will not suffer
In the wicked tribe of Hisi,
In this nest of evil Piru.’ 
“Then I said, ‘Farewell forever!’
To my husband’s home and kindred,
To my much-loved home and husband;
Started forth upon a journey
To my father’s distant hamlet,
Over swamps and over snow-fields,
Wandered over towering mountains,
Over hills and through the valleys,
To my brother’s welcome meadows,
To my sister’s home and birthplace. 
“There were rustling withered pine-trees. 
Finely-feathered firs were fading,
Countless ravens there were cawing,
All the jackdaws harshly singing,
This the chorus of the ravens: 
’Thou hast here a home no longer,
This is not the happy homestead
Of thy merry days of childhood.’ 
“Heeding not this woodland chorus,
Straight I journeyed to the dwelling
Of my childhood’s friend and brother,
Where the portals spake in concord,
And the hills and valleys answered,
This their saddened song and echo: 
’Wherefore dost thou journey hither,
Comest thou for joy or sorrow,
To thy father’s old dominions? 
Here unhappiness awaits thee,
Long departed is thy father,
Dead and gone to visit Ukko,
Dead and gone thy faithful mother,
And thy brother is a stranger,
While his wife is chill and heartless!’
“Heeding not these many warnings,
Straightway to my brother’s cottage
Were my weary feet directed,
Laid my hand upon the door-latch
Of my brother’s dismal cottage,
But the latch was cold and lifeless. 
When I wandered to the chamber,
When I waited at the doorway,
There I saw the heartless hostess,
But she did not give me greeting,
Did not give her hand in welcome;
Proud, alas! was I unhappy,
Did not make the first advances,
Did not offer her my friendship,
And my hand I did not proffer;
Laid my hand upon the oven,
All its former warmth departed! 
On the coal I laid my fingers,
All the latent heat had left it. 
On the rest-bench lay my brother,
Lay outstretched before the fire-place,
Heaps of soot upon his shoulders,
Heaps of ashes on his forehead. 
Thus the brother asked the stranger,
Questioned thus his guest politely: 
’Tell me what thy name and station,
Whence thou comest o’er the waters!’
This the answer that I gave him: 
Hast thou then forgot thy sister,
Does my brother not remember,
Not recall his mother’s daughter
We are children of one mother,
Of one bird were we the fledgelings,
In one nest were hatched and nurtured.’ 
“Then the brother fell to weeping,
From his eyes great tear-drops flowing,
To his wife the brother whispered,
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