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And the hero thus addressed him: 
“Bring O water-bird, my tear-drops;
Often thou dost dive the deep-sea,
Sink thy bill upon the bottom
Of the waters thou dost travel;
Dive again my tears to gather,
I will give thee beauteous plumage,
Recompense for golden service.” 
Thereupon the duck departed,
Hither, thither, swam, and circled,
Dived beneath the foam and billow,
Gathered Wainamoinen’s tear-drops
From the blue-sea’s pebbly bottom,
From the deep, pellucid waters;
Brought them to the great magician,
Beautifully formed and colored,
Glistening in the silver sunshine,
Glimmering in the golden moonlight,
Many-colored as the rainbow,
Fitting ornaments for heroes,
Jewels for the maids of beauty. 
This the origin of sea-pearls,
And the blue-duck’s beauteous plumage.



Wainamoinen, old and truthful,
With the blacksmith, Ilmarinen,
With the reckless son of Lempo,
Handsome hero, Kaukomieli,
On the sea’s smooth plain departed,
On the far-extending waters,
To the village, cold and dreary,
To the never-pleasant Northland,
Where the heroes fall and perish. 
Ilmarinen led the rowers
On one side the magic war-ship,
And the reckless Lemminkainen
Led the rowers on the other. 
Wainamoinen, old and trusty,
Laid his hand upon the rudder,
Steered his vessel o’er the waters,
Through the foam and angry billows
To Pohyola’s place of landing,
To the cylinders of copper,
Where the war-ships lie at anchor. 
When they had arrived at Pohya,
When their journey they had ended,
On the land they rolled their vessel,
On the copper-banded rollers,
Straightway journeyed to the village,
Hastened to the halls and hamlets
Of the dismal Sariola. 
Louhi, hostess of the Northland,
Thus addressed the stranger-heroes: 
Magic heroes of Wainola,
What the tidings ye are bringing
To the people of my village?”
Wainamoinen, ancient minstrel. 
Gave this answer to the hostess: 
“All the hosts of Kalevala
Are inquiring for the Sampo,
Asking for the lid in colors;
Hither have these heroes journeyed
To divide the priceless treasure. 
Thus the hostess spake in answer: 
“No one would divide a partridge,
Nor a squirrel, with three heroes;
Wonderful the magic Sampo,
Plenty does it bring to Northland;
And the colored lid re-echoes
From the copper-bearing mountains,
From the stone-berg of Pohyola,
To the joy of its possessors.” 
Wainamoinen, ancient minstrel,
Thus addressed the ancient Louhi: 
“If thou wilt not share the Sampo,
Give to us an equal portion,
We will take it to Wainola,
With its lid of many colors,
Take by force the hope of Pohya.” 
Thereupon the Northland hostess
Angry grew and sighed for vengeance;

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