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the snow-shoe. 
Maan-e’mo (man-e’mo).  The mother of the Earth. 
Ma’hi-set (Maa’hi-set).  The invisibly small deities of Finnish
Mam’me-lai’nen.  The goddess of hidden treasures. 
Ma’na.  A synonym of Tuoni, the god of death. 
Man’a-lai’nen.  The same as Mana. 
Masr’i-at’ta (marja, berry).  The Virgin Mary of Finnish mythology. 
Mat’ka-Tep’po.  The road-god. 
Meh’i-lai’nen.  The honey-bee. 
Mel’a-tar.  The goddess of the helm. 
Met’so-la.  The same as Tapiola, the abode of the god of the forest,
Mie-lik’ki.  The hostess of the forest. 
Mi-merk’ki.  A synonym of Mielikki. 
Mosk’va.  A province of Suomi. 
Mu-rik’ki (Muurik’ki).  The name of the cow. 
Ne’wa.  A river of Finland. 
Ny-rik’ki.  A son of Tapio.
0s’mo.  The same as Osmoinen. 
Os-noi’nen.  A synonym of Wainola’s hero. 
Os’mo-tar.  The daughter of Osmo; she directs the brewing of the beer
for Ilmarinen’s wedding-feast. 
O-ta’va.  The Great Bear of the heavens. 
Ot’so.  The bear of Finland. 
Poe’ivoe.  The Sun, and the Sun god. 
Pai’va-tar.  The goddess of the summer. 
Pak’ka-nen.  A synonym of Kura. 
Pal-woi’nen.  A synonym of Turi, and also of Wirokannas. 
Pa’nu.  The Fire-Child, born from the sword of Ukko. 
Pa’ra.  A tripod-deity, presiding over milk and cheese. 
Pel’ler-woi’nen.  The sower of the forests. 
Pen’i-tar.  A blind witch of Pohyola; and the mother of the dog. 
Pik’ku Mies.  The water-pigmy that felled the over-spreading oak-tree
for Wainamoinen. 
Pil’a-ya’tar (Pilaja’tar).  The daughter of the Aspen; and the goddess
of the Mountain-ash. 
Pilt’ti.  The maid-servant of Mariatta. 
Pi’men-to’la.  A province of Finland; another name for Pohyola. 
Pi’ru.  The same as Lempo, Jutas, and Hisi. 
Pi’sa.  A mountain of Finland. 
Poh’ya (Poh’ja).  An abbreviated form for Pohyola. 
Poh-yo’la (Poh-jo’la).  The Northland; Lapland. 
Pok-ka’nen.  The Frost, the son of Puhuri; a synonym of Tiera. 
Puh-hu’ri.  The North-wind; the father of Pokkanen. 
Rem’men.  The father of the hop-vine. 
Re’mu.  The same as Remmen. 
Ru-o’tus.  A persecutor of the Virgin Mariatta. 
Rut’ya (Rut’ja).  A waterfall of Northland. 
Sah’ri (Saari).  The home of Kyllikki. 
Sam’po.  The jewel that Ilmarinen forges from the magic metals; a
talisman of success to the possessor; a continual source of strife
between the tribes of the North. 
Samp’sa.  A synonym of Pellerwoinen. 
Sa’ra.  The same as Sariola. 
Sar’i-o’la.  The same as Pohyola. 
Sat’ka.  A goddess of the sea. 
Sa’wa (Sa’wo).  The eastern part of Finland. 
Sim’a Pil’li (Honey-flute).  The flute of Sima-suu. 
Sim’a-Suu.  One of the maidens of Tapio. 
Sin’e-tar.  The goddess of the blue sky. 
Si-net’ta-ret.  The goddesses of dyeing. 
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