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In’ger-land.  The present St. Petersburg. 
Ja’men (Ya’men).  A river of Finland. 
Jor’dan.  Curiously, the river of Palestine. 
Jou’ka-hai’nen (You-ka-hai’nen).  A celebrated minstrel of Pohyola. 
Jou-ko’la (You-ko’la).  The home or dwelling of Youkahainen. 
Ju-ma’la (You-ma’la).  Originally the heavens, then the god of the
heavens, and finally God. 
Ju’tas (yu’tas).  The Evil Principle; Hisi, Piru, and Lempo are
Kai’to-lai’nen.  A son of the god of metals; from his spear came the
tongue of the serpent. 
Ka-ler’vo.  The father of Kullervo. 
Ka-le’va (Kalewai’nen).  The father of heroes; a hero in general. 
Kal’e-va’la (kaleva, hero, and la, the place of).  The land of heroes;
the name of the epic poem of Finland. 
Kal’e-va’tar (Kalewa’tar).  Daughter of Kaleva. 
Kal-e’vo.  The same as Kaleva. 
Ka’lew.  Often used for Kaleva. 
Kal’ma.  The god of death. 
Kam’mo.  The father of Kimmo. 
Kan’ka-hat’ta-ret.  The goddesses of weaving. 
Ka’pe.  A synonym of Ilmatar, the mother of Wainamoinen. 
Ka’po.  A synonym of Osmotar. 
Ka-re’len.  A province of Finland. 
Kar-ja’la, (karya’la).  The seat of the waterfall, Kaatrakoski. 
Kat’e-ja’tar (kataya’tar).  The daughter of the Pine-tree. 
Kat’ra-kos’ki (Kaatrakos’ki).  A waterfall in Karjala. 
Kau’ko.  The same as Kaukomieli. 
Kau’ko-miel’li.  The same as Lemminkainen. 
Kaup’pi.  The Snowshoe-builder; Lylikki. 
Ke’mi.  A river of Finland. 
Kim’mo.  A name for the cow; the daughter of Kammo, the patron of the
Ki’pu-ki’vi.  The name of the rock at Hell-river, beneath which the
spirits of all diseases are imprisoned. 
Kir’kon-Woe’ki.  Church dwarfs living under altars. 
Knik’ka-no.  Same as Knippana. 
Knip’pa-no.  Same as Tapio. 
Koot’a-moi’nen.  The Moon. 
Kos’ken-nei’ti.  The goddess of the cataract. 
Kul-ler’vo.  The vicious son of Kalervo. 
Kul’ler-woi’nen.  The same as Kullervo. 
Kul’li.  A beautiful daughter of Sahri. 
Kun.  The Moon, and the Moon-god. 
Kun’tar.  One of the daughters of the Moon. 
Ku’ra (Kuura).  The Hoar-frost; also called Tiera, a ball of ice. 
Kul-lik’ki (also Kyl’li).  The Sahri-maiden whom Lemminkainen
Lak’ka.  Mother of Ilmarinen. 
Lak-ko.  The hostess of Kalevala. 
Lem’min-kai’nen.  One of the brothers of Wainamoinen; a son of Lempi. 
Lem’pi-bay.  A bay of Finland. 
Lem’po.  The Evil Principle; same as Hisi, Piru, and Jutas. 
Lin’nun-ra’ta (Bird-way).  The Milky-way. 
Lou’hi.  The hostess of Pohyola. 
Low-ya’tar.  Tuoni’s blind daughter, and the originator of the Plagues. 
Lu’on-no’tar.  One of the mystic maidens, and the nurse of Wainamoinen. 
Lu’o-to’la.  A bay of Finland, named with Joukola. 
Ly-lik’ki (Lyylik’ki).  Maker of
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