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Was not scented by my watch-dogs? 
Spake the reckless Lemminkainen: 
“Do not think that I come hither
Having neither wit nor wisdom,
Having neither art nor power,
Wanting in ancestral knowledge,
Lacking prudence of the fathers,
That thy watch-dogs may devour me. 
“My devoted mother washed me,
When a frail and tender baby,
Three times in the nights of summer,
Nine times in the nights of autumn,
That upon my journeys northward
I might sing the ancient wisdom,
Thus protect myself from danger;
When at home I sing as wisely
As the minstrels of thy hamlet.” 
Then the singer, Lemminkainen,
Ancient hero, Kaukomieli,
Quick began his incantations,
Straightway sang the songs of witchcraft,
From his fur-robe darts the lightning,
Flames outshooting from his eye-balls,
From the magic of his singing
From his wonderful enchantment. 
Sang the very best of singers
To the very worst of minstrels,
Filled their mouths with dust and ashes,
Piled the rocks upon their shoulders,
Stilled the best of Lapland witches,
Stilled the sorcerers and wizards. 
Then he banished all their heroes,
Banished all their proudest minstrels,
This one hither, that one thither,
To the lowlands poor in verdure,
To the unproductive uplands,
To the oceans wanting whiting,
To the waterfalls of Rutya,
To the whirlpool hot and flaming,
To the waters decked with sea-foam,
Into fires and boiling waters,
Into everlasting torment. 
Then the hero, Lemminkainen,
Sang the foemen with their broadswords? 
Sang the heroes with their weapons,
Sang the eldest, sang the youngest,
Sang the middle-aged, enchanted;
Only one he left his senses,
He a poor, defenseless shepherd,
Old and sightless, halt and wretched,
And the old man’s name was Nasshut. 
Spake the miserable shepherd: 
“Thou hast old and young enchanted,
Thou hast banished all our heroes,
Why hast spared this wretched shepherd?”
This is Lemminkainen’s answer: 
“Therefore have I not bewitched thee: 
Thou art old, and blind, and wretched
Feeble-minded thou, and harmless,
Loathsome now without my magic. 
Thou didst, in thy better life-time,
When a shepherd filled with malice,
Ruin all thy mother’s berries,
Make thy sister, too unworthy,
Ruin all thy brother’s cattle,
Drive to death thy father’s stallions,
Through the marshes, o’er the meadows,
Through the lowlands, o’er the mountains,
Heeding not thy mother’s counsel.” 
Thereupon the wretched Nasshut,
Angry grew and swore for vengeance,
Straightway limping through the door-way,
Hobbled on beyond the court-yard,
O’er the meadow-lands and pastures,
To the river of the death-land,
To the holy stream and whirlpool,
To the kingdom of Tuoni,
To the islands of Manala;
Waited there for Kaukomieli,
Listened long for Lemminkainen,
Thinking he must pass this river
On his journey to his country,
On. the highway to the islands,
From the upper shores of Pohya,
From the dreary Sariola.

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