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Quickly did the highways shorten,
Till at last upon the third day,
As the sun was fast declining,
There appeared the blacksmith’s furnace,
Nearer, Ilmarinen’s dwelling,
Smoke arising high in ether,
Clouds of smoke to lofty heaven,
From the village of Wainola,
From the suitor’s forge and smithy,
From the chimneys of the hero,
From the home of the successful.


Aar’ni (Ar’ni).  The guardian of hidden treasures. 
A-ha’va.  The West-wind; the father of the swift dogs. 
Ah’ti.  The same as Lemminkainen. 
Ah’to.  The great god of the waters. 
Ah’to-la.  The water-castle of Ahto and his people. 
Ah’to-lai’set.  The inhabitants of Ahtola. 
Ai-nik’ki.  A sister of Ahti. 
Ai’no (i’no).  Youkahainen’s sister. 
An’te-ro.  A goddess of the waves. 
Ai’ue-lake.  The lake into which the Fire-child falls. 
An-nik’ki.  Ilmarinen’s sister. 
An’te-ro.  Another name for Wipanen, or Antero Wipunen. 
Dus’ter-land.  The Northland; Pimentola. 
Et’e-le’tar.  A daugter of the South-wind. 
Fire-Child.  A synonym of Panu. 
Frost.  The English for Pakkanen. 
Hal’lap-yo’ra.  A lake in Finland. 
Hal’ti-a (plural Haltiat).  The Genius of Finnish mythology. 
Het’e-wa’ne.  The Finnish name of the Pleiades. 
Hi’si (original Hiisi).  The Evil Principle; also called Jutas, Lempo,
and Piru. 
Mon’ja-tar.  The daughter of the Pine-tree. 
Hor’na.  A sacred rock in Finland. 
I’ku-Tur’so.  An evil giant of the sea. 
Il’ma-ri’nem.  The worker of the metals; a brother of Wainamoinen. 
Il’ma-tar.  Daughter of the Air, and mother of Wainamoinen. 
Il’po-tar.  Believed to be the daughter of the Snow flake; the same as
Im-a’tra.  A celebrated waterfall near Wiborg. 
In’ger-land.  The present St. Petersburg. 
Ja’men (Ya’men).  A river of Finland. 
Jor’dan.  Curiously, the river of Palestine. 
Jou’ka-hai’nen (You-ka-hai’nen).  A celebrated minstrel of Pohyola. 
Jou-ko’la (You-ko’la).  The home or dwelling of Youkahainen. 
Ju-ma’la (You-ma’la).  Originally the heavens, then the god of the
heavens, and finally God. 
Ju’tas (yu’tas).  The Evil Principle; Hisi, Piru, and Lempo are
Kai’to-lai’nen.  A son of the god of metals; from his spear came the
tongue of the serpent. 
Ka-ler’vo.  The father of Kullervo. 
Ka-le’va (Kalewai’nen).  The father of heroes; a hero in general. 
Kal’e-va’la (kaleva, hero, and la, the place of).  The land of heroes;
the name of the epic poem of Finland. 
Kal’e-va’tar (Kalewa’tar).  Daughter of Kaleva. 
Kal-e’vo.  The same as Kaleva. 
Ka’lew.  Often used for Kaleva. 
Kal’ma.  The god of death. 
Kam’mo.  The father of Kimmo. 
Kan’ka-hat’ta-ret.  The goddesses of weaving. 

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