Kalevala : the Epic Poem of Finland — Volume 01 eBook

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rune I. Birth of Wainamoinen
rune II.  Wainamoinen’s Sowing
rune III.  Wainamoinen and Youkahainen
rune IV.  The Fate of Aino
rune V. Wainamoinen’s Lamentation
rune VI.  Wainamoinen’s Hapless Journey
rune VII.  Wainamoinen’s Rescue
rune VIII.  Maiden of the Rainbow
rune IX.  Origin of Iron
rune X. Ilmarinen forges the Sampo
rune XI.  Lemminkainen’s Lament
rune XII.  Kyllikki’s Broken Vow
rune XIII.  Lemminkainen’s Second Wooing
rune XIV.  Death of Lemminkainen
rune XV.  Lemminkainen’s Restoration
rune XVI.  Wainainoinen’s Boat-building
rune XVII.  Wainamoinen finds the Lost Word
rune XVIII.  The Rival Suitors
rune XIX.  Ilmarinen’s Wooing
rune XX.  The Brewing of Beer
rune XXI.  Ilmarinen’s Wedding-feast
rune XXII.  The Bride’s Farewell
rune XXIII.  Osmotar, the Bride-adviser
rune XXIV.  The Bride’s Farewell
rune XXV.  Wainamoinen’s Wedding-songs
rune XXVI.  Origin of the Serpent
rune XXVII.  The Unwelcome Guest
rune XXVIII.  The Mother’s Counsel
rune XXIX.  The Isle of Refuge
rune XXX.  The Frost-fiend
rune XXXI.  Kullerwoinen, Son of Evil
rune XXXII.  Kullervo as a Shepherd
rune XXXIII.  Kullervo and the Cheat-cake
rune XXXIV.  Kullervo finds his Tribe-folk
rune XXXV.  Kullervo’s Evil Deeds
rune XXXVI.  Kullerwoinen’s Victory and Death
rune XXXVII Ilmarinen’s Bride of Gold
rune XXXVIII.  Ilmarinen’s Fruitless Wooing
rune XXXIX.  Wainamoinen’s Sailing
rune XL.  Birth of the Harp
rune XLI.  Wainamoinen’s Harp-songs
rune XLII.  Capture of the Sampo
rune XLIII.  The Sampo lost in the Sea
rune XLIV.  Birth of the Second Harp
rune XLV.  Birth of the Nine Diseases
rune XLVI.  Otso the Honey-eater
rune XLVII.  Louhi steals Sun, Moon, and Fire
rune XLVIII.  Capture of the Fire-fish
rune XLIX.  Restoration of the Sun and Moon
rune L. Mariatta—­Wainamoinen’s Departure



The following translation was undertaken from a desire to lay before the English-speaking people the full treasury of epical beauty, folklore, and mythology comprised in The Kalevala, the national epic of the Finns.  A brief description of this peculiar people, and of their ethical, linguistic, social, and religious life, seems to be called for here in order that the following poem may be the better understood.

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