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When Rachel joined the other captives she found that a long rough table had been set beneath the arcades, and on it at intervals, pieces of bread and cups and vases containing wine of the country that had been purchased at a great price from the guards.  Round this table the elders or the infirm among the company were seated on a bench, while the rest of the number, for whom there was not room, stood behind them.  At its head was an old man, a bishop among the Christians, one of the five hundred who had seen the risen Lord and received baptism from the hands of the Beloved Disciple.  For some years he had been spared by the persecutors of the infant Church on account of his age, dignity, and good repute, but now at last fate seemed to have overtaken him.

The service was held; the bread and wine, mixed with water, were consecrated with the same texts by which they are blessed to-day, only the prayers were extempore.  When all had eaten from the platters and drunk from the rude cups, the bishop gave his blessing to the community.  Then he addressed them.  This, he told them, was an occasion of peculiar joy, a love-feast indeed, since all they who partook of it were about to lay down the burden of the flesh and, their labours and sorrows ended, to depart into bliss eternal.  He called to their memory the supper of the Passover which had taken place within the lifetime of many of them, when the Author and Finisher of their faith had declared to the disciples that He would drink no more wine till He drank it new with them in His kingdom.  Such a feast it was that lay spread before them this night.  Let them be thankful for it.  Let them not quail in the hour of trial.  The fangs of the savage beasts, the shouts of the still more savage spectators, the agony of the quivering flesh, the last terror of their departing, what were these?  Soon, very soon, they would be done; the spears of the soldiers would despatch the injured, and those among them whom it was ordained should escape, would be set free by the command of the representative of Caesar, that they might prosecute the work till the hour came for them to pass on the torch of redemption to other hands.  Let them rejoice, therefore, and be very thankful, and walk to the sacrifice as to a wedding feast.  “Do you not rejoice, my brethren?” he asked.  With one voice they answered, “We rejoice!” Yes, even the children answered thus.

Then they prayed again, and again with uplifted hands the old man blessed them in the holy Triune Name.

Scarcely had this service, as solemn as it was simple, been brought to an end when the head jailer, whose blasphemous jocosity since his reproof by Anna was replaced by a mien of sullen venom, came forward and commanded the whole band to march to the amphitheatre.  Accordingly, two by two, the bishop leading the way with the sainted woman Anna, they walked to the gates.  Here a guard of soldiers was waiting to receive them, and under their escort they threaded the narrow, darkling

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