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‘That’s our friend C. G.,’ said Livy.

‘I should think not,’ said the minister, who had his own ideas about an English lord.

‘I’m sure it is, because of the tall man with the buttons,’ said Olivia.

‘It’s very unlikely,’ said the secretary of legation.  ’Lord Peterborough is a man of immense wealth, very old, indeed.  They say he is dying at Naples.  This man is his eldest son.’

‘Is that any reason why he shouldn’t have been civil to us?’ asked Olivia.

’I don’t think he is the sort of man likely to sit up in the banquette; and he would have posted over the Alps.  Moreover, he had his suite with him.’

‘His suite was Buttons,’ said Olivia.  ’Only fancy, Carry, we’ve been waited on for two days by a lord as is to be, and didn’t know it!  And you have mended the tips of his lordship’s glove!’ But Carry said nothing at all.

Late on that same evening, they met Mr Glascock close to the Duomo, under the shade of the Campanile.  He had come out as they had done, to see by moonlight that loveliest of all works made by man’s hands.  They were with the minister, but Mr Glascock came up and shook hands with them.

‘I would introduce you to my uncle, Mr Spalding,’ said Olivia ’only as it happens we have never yet heard your name.’

‘My name is Mr Glascock,’ said he, smiling.  Then the introduction was made; and the American Minister took off his hat, and was very affable.

‘Only think, Carry,’ said Olivia, when they were alone that evening, ‘if you were to become the wife of an English lord!’



Nora Rowley, when she escaped from the violence of her lover, at once rushed up to her own room, and managed to fasten herself in before she had been seen by any one.  Her eider sister had at once gone to her aunt when, at Hugh’s request, she had left the room, thinking it right that Mrs Outhouse should know what was being done in her own house.  Mrs Outhouse had considered the matter patiently for a while, giving the lovers the benefit of her hesitation, and had then spoken her mind to Stanbury, as we have already heard.  He had, upon the whole, been so well pleased with what had occurred, that he was not in the least angry with the parson’s wife when he left the parsonage.  As soon as he was gone Mrs Outhouse was at once joined by her elder niece, but Nora remained for a while alone in her room.

Had she committed herself; and if so, did she regret it?  He had behaved very badly to her, certainly, taking her by the hand and putting his arm round her waist.  And then had he not even attempted to kiss her?  He had done all this, although she had been resolute in refusing to speak to him one word of kindness though she had told him with all the energy and certainty of which she was mistress, that she would never be

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