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The Palais Royale is a heavenly place, so full of bijouterie and lovely things that I’m nearly distracted because I can’t buy them.  Fred wanted to get me some, but of course I didn’t allow it.  Then the Bois and Champs Elysees are tres magnifique.  I’ve seen the imperial family several times, the emperor an ugly, hard-looking man, the empress pale and pretty, but dressed in bad taste, I thought—­purple dress, green hat, and yellow gloves.  Little Nap is a handsome boy, who sits chatting to his tutor, and kisses his hand to the people as he passes in his four-horse barouche, with postilions in red satin jackets and a mounted guard before and behind.

We often walk in the Tuileries Gardens, for they are lovely, though the antique Luxembourg Gardens suit me better.  Pere la Chaise is very curious, for many of the tombs are like small rooms, and looking in, one sees a table, with images or pictures of the dead, and chairs for the mourners to sit in when they come to lament.  That is so Frenchy.

Our rooms are on the Rue de Rivoli, and sitting on the balcony, we look up and down the long, brilliant street.  It is so pleasant that we spend our evenings talking there when too tired with our day’s work to go out.  Fred is very entertaining, and is altogether the most agreeable young man I ever knew—­ except Laurie, whose manners are more charming.  I wish Fred was dark, for I don’t fancy light men, however, the Vaughns are very rich and come of an excellent family, so I won’t find fault with their yellow hair, as my own is yellower.

Next week we are off to Germany and Switzerland, and as we shall travel fast, I shall only be able to give you hasty letters.  I keep my diary, and try to ’remember correctly and describe clearly all that I see and admire’, as Father advised.  It is good practice for me, and with my sketchbook will give you a better idea of my tour than these scribbles.

Adieu, I embrace you tenderly.
"Votre Amie.""


My dear Mamma,

Having a quiet hour before we leave for Berne, I’ll try to tell you what has happened, for some of it is very important, as you will see.

The sail up the Rhine was perfect, and I just sat and enjoyed it with all my might.  Get Father’s old guidebooks and read about it.  I haven’t words beautiful enough to describe it.  At Coblentz we had a lovely time, for some students from Bonn, with whom Fred got acquainted on the boat, gave us a serenade.  It was a moonlight night, and about one o’clock Flo and I were waked by the most delicious music under our windows.  We flew up, and hid behind the curtains, but sly peeps showed us Fred and the students singing away down below.  It was the most romantic thing I ever saw—­the river, the bridge of boats, the great fortress opposite, moonlight everywhere, and music fit to melt a heart of stone.

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