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The like did I by thee.  But are not these
Naturall impediments?

In my conjecture merely counterfeit: 
Therefore lets join hands in friendship once again,
Since that the jar grew only by conjecture.

With all my heart:  Yet lets try the truth hereof.

With right good will.  We will straight unto her father,
And there to learn whither it be so or no.



Outside the Danish Palace.

[Enter William and Blanch disguised, with a mask over her face.]

Come on, my love, the comfort of my life. 
Disguised thus we may remain unknowen,
And get we once to Seas, I force no then,
We quickly shall attain the English shore.

But this I urge you with your former oath: 
You shall not seek to violate mine honour,
Until our marriage rights be all performed.

Mariana, here I swear to thee by heaven,
And by the honour that I bear to Arms,
Never to seek or crave at hands of thee
The spoil of honourable chastity,
Until we do attain the English coast,
Where thou shalt be my right espoused Queen.

In hope your oath proceedeth from your heart,
Let’s leave the Court, and betake us to his power
That governs all things to his mighty will,
And will reward the just with endless joy,
And plague the bad with most extreme annoy.

Lady, as little tarriance as we may,
Lest some misfortune happen by the way.

[Exit Blanch and William.]


Manchester.  The Mill.

[Enter the Miller, his man Trotter, and Manville.]

Miller.  I tell you, sir, it is no little grief to me, you should so hardly conseit of my daughter, whose honest report, though I say it, was never blotted with any title of defamation.

Father Miller, the repair of those gentlemen to your house
hath given me great occasion to mislike.

As for those gentlemen, I never saw in them any evil intreaty. 
But should they have profered it, her chaste mind hath proof
enough to prevent it.

Trotter.  Those gentlemen are so honest as ever I saw:  For yfaith one of them gave me six pence to fetch a quart of Seck.—­See, maister, here they come.

[Enter Mountney and Valingford.]

Trotter, call Em.  Now they are here together, I’ll have this
matter throughly debated.

[Exit Trotter.]

Father, well met.  We are come to confer with you.

Nay, with his daughter rather.

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