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Mariana, do not misconster of me: 
I not mistrust thee, nor thy secrecy;
Nor let my love misconster my intent,
Nor think thereof but well and honorable. 
Thus stands the case: 
Thou knowest from England hether came with me
Robert of Windsor, a noble man at Arms,
Lusty and valiant, in spring time of his years: 
No marvell then though he prove amorous.

True, my Lord, he came to see fair Blanch.

No, Mariana, that is not it.  His love to Blanch
Was then extinct, when first he saw thy face. 
’Tis thee he loves; yea, thou art only she
That is maistres and commander of his thoughts.

Well, well, my Lord, I like you, for such drifts
Put silly Ladies often to their shifts. 
Oft have I heard you say you loved me well,
Yea, sworn the same, and I believed you too. 
Can this be found an action of good faith
Thus to dissemble where you found true love?

Mariana, I not dissemble, on mine honour,
Nor fails my faith to thee.  But for my friend,
For princely William, by whom thou shalt possess
The title of estate and Majesty,
Fitting thy love, and vertues of thy mind—­
For him I speak, for him do I intreat,
And with thy favour fully do resign
To him the claim and interest of my love. 
Sweet Mariana, then, deny me not: 
Love William, love my friend, and honour me,
Who else is clean dishonored by thy means.

Borne to mishap, my self am only she
On whom the Sun of Fortune never shined: 
But Planets ruled by retrogard aspect
Foretold mine ill in my nativity.

Sweet Lady, cease, let my intreaty serve
To pacify the passion of thy grief,
Which, well I know, proceeds of ardent love.

But Lubeck now regards not Mariana.

Even as my life, so love I Mariana.

Why do you post me to another then?

He is my friend, and I do love the man.

Then will Duke William rob me of my Love?

No, as his life Mariana he doth love.

Speak for your self, my Lord, let him alone.

So do I, Madam, for he and I am one.

Then loving you I do content you both.

In loveing him, you shall content us both: 
Me, for I crave that favour at your hands,
He, for he hopes that comfort at your hands.

Leave off, my Lord, here comes the Lady Blaunch.

[Enter Blaunch to them.]

Hard hap to break us of our talk so soon! 
Sweet Mariana, do remember me.

[Exit Lubeck.]

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