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Valingford.  But is it possible you should be taken on such a sudden?  Infortunate Valingford, to be thus crost in thy love!  Fair Em, I am not a little sorry to see this thy hard hap.  Yet nevertheless, I am acquainted with a learned Phisitian that will do any thing for thee at my request.  To him will I resort, and enquire his judgement, as concerning the recovery of so excellent a sense.

Oh Lord Sir:  and of all things I cannot abide Phisicke, the
very name thereof to me is odious.

Valingford.  No? not the thing will do thee so much good?  Sweet Em, hether I cam to parley of love, hoping to have found thee in thy woonted prosperity; and have the gods so unmercifully thwarted my expectation, by dealing so sinisterly with thee, sweet Em?

Good sir, no more, it fits not me
To have respect to such vain fantasies
As idle love presents my ears withall. 
More reason I should ghostly give my self
To sacred prayers for this my former sin,
For which this plague is justly fallen upon me,
Then to harken to the vanities of love.

Yet, sweet Em,
Accept this jewell at my hand, which I
Bestowe on thee in token of my love.

A jewell, sir! what pleasure can I have
In jewels, treasure, or any worldly thing
That want my sight that should deserne thereof? 
Ah, sir, I must leave you: 
The pain of mine eyes is so extreme,
I cannot long stay in a place.  I take my leave.

[Exit Em.]

Valingford.  Zounds, what a cross is this to my conceit!  But, Valingford, search the depth of this devise.  Why may not this be fained subteltie, by Mountneys invention, to the intent that I seeing such occasion should leave off my suit and not any more persist to solicit her of love?  I’ll try the event; if I can by any means perceive the effect of this deceit to be procured by his means, friend Mountney, the one of us is like to repent our bargain.



Scene I. The Danish Court.

[Enter Mariana and Marques Lubeck.]

Since that occasion, forward in our good,
Presenteth place and opportunity,
Let me intreat your woonted kind consent
And friendly furtherance in a suit I have.

My Lord, you know you need not to intreat,
But may command Mariana to her power,
Be it no impeachment to my honest fame.

Free are my thoughts from such base villainy
As may in question, Lady, call your name: 
Yet is the matter of such consequence,
Standing upon my honorable credit,
To be effected with such zeal and secrecy
As, should I speak and fail my expectation,
It would redound greatly to my prejudice.

My Lord, wherein hath Mariana given you
Occasion that you should mistrust, or else
Be jealous of my secrecy?

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