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RISE OF THE DUTCH REPUBLIC, 1567 by Motley[#14][jm14v10.txt]4814

Conde and Coligny
Furnished, in addition, with a force of two thousand prostitutes
He came as a conqueror not as a mediator
Hope deferred, suddenly changing to despair
Meantime the second civil war in France had broken out
Spendthrift of time, he was an economist of blood
The greatest crime, however, was to be rich
Time and myself are two

RISE OF THE DUTCH REPUBLIC, 1568 by Motley[#15][jm15v10.txt]4815

Deeply criminal in the eyes of all religious parties
He had omitted to execute heretics
Holy Office condemned all the inhabitants of the Netherlands
Not for a new doctrine, but for liberty of conscience
Questioning nothing, doubting nothing, fearing nothing
The perpetual reproductions of history
Wealth was an unpardonable sin

RISE OF THE DUTCH REPUBLIC, 1568 by Motley[#16][jm16v10.txt]4816

Age when toleration was a vice
An age when to think was a crime
Business of an officer to fight, of a general to conquer
Cruelties exercised upon monks and papists
For faithful service, evil recompense
Pathetic dying words of Anne Boleyn
Seven Spaniards were killed, and seven thousand rebels
The calf is fat and must be killed
The illness was a convenient one
The tragedy of Don Carlos

RISE OF THE DUTCH REPUBLIC, 1569-70 by Motley[#17][jm17v10.txt]4817

Constitutional governments, move in the daylight
Consumer would pay the tax, supposing it were ever paid at all
Financial opposition to tyranny is apt to be unanimous
Great battles often leave the world where they found it
Great transactions of a reign are sometimes paltry things
The faithful servant is always a perpetual ass

RISE OF THE DUTCH REPUBLIC, 1570-72 by Motley[#18][jm18v10.txt]4818

Beggars of the sea, as these privateersmen designated themselves
Hair and beard unshorn, according to ancient Batavian custom
Only healthy existence of the French was in a state of war

RISE OF THE DUTCH REPUBLIC, 1572 by Motley[#19][jm19v10.txt]4819

Hanged for having eaten meat-soup upon Friday
Provided not one Huguenot be left alive in France
Put all those to the torture out of whom anything can be got
Saint Bartholomew’s day
Science of reigning was the science of lying

RISE OF THE DUTCH REPUBLIC, 1572-73 by Motley[#20][jm20v10.txt]4820

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