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Jesuit Mariana—­justifying the killing of excommunicated kings
No man pretended to think of the State
Practised successfully the talent of silence
Queen is entirely in the hands of Spain and the priests
Religion was made the strumpet of Political Ambition
Smooth words, in the plentiful lack of any substantial
Stroke of a broken table knife sharpened on a carriage wheel
The assassin, tortured and torn by four horses
They have killed him, ‘e ammazato,’ cried Concini
Things he could tell which are too odious and dreadful
Uncouple the dogs and let them run
Vows of an eternal friendship of several weeks’ duration
What could save the House of Austria, the cause of Papacy
Wrath of the Jesuits at this exercise of legal authority

LIFE OF JOHN OF BARNEVELD, 1610-12 by Motley[#89][jm89v10.txt]4889

Advanced orthodox party—­(Puritans)
Atheist, a tyrant, because he resisted dictation from the clergy
Give him advice if he asked it, and money when he required
He was not imperial of aspect on canvas or coin
He who would have all may easily lose all
King’s definite and final intentions, varied from day to day
Neither kings nor governments are apt to value logic
Outdoing himself in dogmatism and inconsistency
Small matter which human folly had dilated into a great one
The defence of the civil authority against the priesthood

LIFE OF JOHN OF BARNEVELD, 1609-14 by Motley[#90][jm90v10.txt]4890

Aristocracy of God’s elect
Determined to bring the very name of liberty into contempt
Disputing the eternal damnation of young children
Fate, free will, or absolute foreknowledge
Louis XIII. 
No man can be neutral in civil contentions
No synod had a right to claim Netherlanders as slaves
Philip IV. 
Priests shall control the state or the state govern the priests
Schism in the Church had become a public fact
That cynical commerce in human lives
The voice of slanderers
Theological hatred was in full blaze throughout the country
Theology and politics were one
To look down upon their inferior and lost fellow creatures
Whether dead infants were hopelessly damned
Whether repentance could effect salvation
Whose mutual hatred was now artfully inflamed by partisans
Work of the aforesaid Puritans and a few Jesuits

LIFE OF JOHN OF BARNEVELD, 1613-15 by Motley[#91][jm91v10.txt]4891

Almost infinite power of the meanest of passions
Ludicrous gravity
Safest citadel against an invader and a tyrant is distrust
Their own roofs were not quite yet in a blaze
Therefore now denounced the man whom he had injured

ENTIRE 1609-15 JOHN OF BARNEVELD, by Motley[#92][jm92v10.txt]4892

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