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Upper and lower millstones of royal wrath and loyal subserviency
Uttering of my choler doth little ease my grief or help my case
Wasting time fruitlessly is sharpening the knife for himself
We must all die once
We mustn’t tickle ourselves to make ourselves laugh
Weary of place without power
When persons of merit suffer without cause
With something of feline and feminine duplicity
Wrath of bigots on both sides
Write so illegibly or express himself so awkwardly

HISTORY UNITED NETHERLANDS, 1586 by Motley[#48][jm48v10.txt]4848

And thus this gentle and heroic spirit took its flight
Five great rivers hold the Netherland territory in their coils
High officers were doing the work of private, soldiers
I did never see any man behave himself as he did
There is no man fitter for that purpose than myself

HISTORY UNITED NETHERLANDS, 1586 by Motley[#49][jm49v10.txt]4849

Are wont to hang their piety on the bell-rope
As logical as men in their cups are prone to be
Tolerating religious liberty had never entered his mind

HISTORY UNITED NETHERLANDS, 1586 by Motley[#50][jm50v10.txt]4850

Acknowledged head of the Puritan party of England (Leicester)
Geneva theocracy in the place of the vanished Papacy
Hankering for peace, when peace had really become impossible
Hating nothing so much as idleness
Mirror ever held up before their eyes by the obedient Provinces
Rigid and intolerant spirit of the reformed religion
Scorn the very word toleration as an insult
The word liberty was never musical in Tudor ears

HISTORY UNITED NETHERLANDS, 1587 by Motley[#51][jm51v10.txt]4851

Defect of enjoying the flattery, of his inferiors in station
The sapling was to become the tree

HISTORY UNITED NETHERLANDS, 1587 by Motley[#52][jm52v10.txt]4852

All business has been transacted with open doors
Beacons in the upward path of mankind
Been already crimination and recrimination more than enough
Casting up the matter “as pinchingly as possibly might be”
Disposed to throat-cutting by the ministers of the Gospel
During this, whole war, we have never seen the like
Even to grant it slowly is to deny it utterly
Evil is coming, the sooner it arrives the better
Fool who useth not wit because he hath it not
Guilty of no other crime than adhesion to the Catholic faith
Individuals walking in advance of their age
Never peace well made, he observed, without a mighty war
Rebuked him for his obedience
Respect for differences in religious opinions
Sacrificed by the Queen for faithfully obeying her

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