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GUNDERMANN, the great Jew banker, master of the Bourse and of the financial world.  He was a man of over sixty years of age, who had long suffered from ill-health.  Constantly engaged in business of the greatest magnitude, he never went to the Bourse himself; indeed, he even pretended that he sent no official representatives there.  He was not on friendly terms with Saccard, and when the Universal Bank was started he placed himself in antagonism towards it.  The wild speculation in the shares of the bank gave him his chance; his principle was that when a share rose above its true value a reaction was bound to follow.  Accordingly, when the bank shares rose to two thousand francs he began to sell, and though Saccard by steady buying forced them to over three thousand francs, he continued to sell.  His losses meantime were, of course, enormous, but having got information through Baroness Sandorff that Saccard’s resources were at an end, he made a final effort, with the result that a panic ensued, the price of the shares broke, and Saccard, along with the bank, was ruined.  L’Argent.

GUNTHER (OTTO), captain in the Prussian Guard.  He was a cousin of Weiss on the mother’s side.  His feelings were strongly anti-French, and he refused to give any assistance to Henriette Weiss after the death of her husband, when she was searching for his body.  La Debacle.

GUSTAVE, Maxime Saccard’s hairdresser.  La Curee.

GUTMANN, a soldier in the Prussian Army, who took part in the attack on Bazeilles.  It was he who tore Henriette Weiss from the arms of her husband, who, being a civilian, was about to be executed for firing upon the Prussian troops.  Henriette found him later in the ambulance at Remilly.  He was unable to speak, a ball having carried away half his tongue, and they could only guess from the sounds he made that his name was Gutmann.  Henriette, moved by pity, remained with him to the end, and she alone followed him to the place of burial.  La Debacle.

GUYOT (ABBE), a priest of Saint-Eutrope.  He took duty temporarily at Artaud while Abbe Mouret was ill.  La Faute de l’Abbe Mouret.

GUYOT-LAPLANCHE, a man of considerable importance in the Second Empire, whom Clorinde Balbi gained to the cause of Eugene Rougon.  Son Excellence Eugene Rougon.


HAFFNER, a well-known manufacturer, at Colmar.  He was a multi-millionaire, and became a politician during the time of the Second Empire.  He was the husband of Suzanne Haffner.  La Curee.

HAFFNER (MADAME SUZANNE), wife of a celebrated manufacturer of Colmar, a millionaire twenty times over, whom the Empire was transforming into a politician.  She was the inseparable companion of the Marquise d’Espanet, and had been a schoolfellow of Madame Renee Saccard.  La Curee.

HALLEGRAIN (CAPTAIN JACQUES), the father of Christine.  He was a Gascon from Montauban.  A stroke of paralysis in the legs caused his retirement from the army, and he settled at Clermont with his wife and daughter.  One day, when they were at church, he died of a second attack of paralysis.  L’Oeuvre.

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