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GUENDE (MADAME DE), a friend of the Saccards.  She was a woman well known in the society of the Second Empire.  La Curee.

GUEULE-D’OR, the sobriquet of Goujet.  L’Assommoir.

GUEULIN, nephew of Narcisse Bachelard, was a clerk in an insurance office.  Directly after office hours he used to meet his uncle, and never left him, going the round of all the cafes in his wake.  “Behind the huge, ungainly figure of the one you were sure to see the pale, wizened features of the other.”  He said that he avoided all love affairs, as they invariably led to trouble and complications, but he was ultimately caught by his uncle in compromising circumstances with Mademoiselle Fifi, who was a protegee of the old man.  Bachelard insisted on their marriage, and gave the girl a handsome dowry.  Pot-Bouille.

GUIBAL (MADAME), wife of a barrister well known at the Palais de Justice, who led, it was said, a somewhat free life.  The husband and wife were never seen together, and Madame Guibal consoled herself with M. De Boves, from whom she derived such large sums of money that he found difficulty in carrying on his own establishment.  She was a tall, thin woman, with red hair, and a somewhat cold, selfish expression.  Au Bonheur des Dames.

GUICHON (MADEMOISELLE), the office-keeper at the railway station at Havre.  She was a slim, fair woman about thirty years of age, who owed her post to M. Dabadie, the chief station-master, with whom it was generally believed she was on intimate terms.  Nevertheless Madame Lebleu, who lived on the same corridor and kept perpetual watch, had never been able to discover anything.  La Bete Humaine.

GUIGNARD, a peasant who belonged to the same village as Zephyrin Lacour.  He desired to sell his house, and Zephyrin and Rosalie, his sweetheart, looked forward to buying it.  Une Page d’Amour.

GUILLAUME, a peasant of Rognes.  He owned a piece of land beside the hovel of Hyacinthe Fouan.  La Terre.

GUILLAUME, a young swineherd at La Borderie.  He afterwards became a soldier.  La Terre.

GUIRAUD (M.  DE), a magistrate of Paris, who was a friend of Doctor Deberle and visited at his house.  Une Page d’Amour.

GUIRAUD (MADAME DE), wife of the preceding.  She was on intimate terms with Madame Deberle, and took part in the amateur theatricals arranged by that lady.  Une Page d’Amour.

GUIRAUDE (MADAME), mother of Sophie and Valentin, patients of Dr. Pascal.  Her husband died of phthisis, and she herself suffered from a slow decomposition of the blood.  She died soon after her son Valentin.  Le Docteur Pascal.

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