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FOUSSET (LE PERE), tenant of the farm of Millouard, in the Canton of Orgeres.  He was a victim of the band of brigands commanded by Beau-Francois.  La Terre.

FRANCHOMME (LOUIS), a cousin of Francoise Hamelin and her brother, with whom he went to reside for a time when recovering from a fever.  His wife having become fond of Angelique Marie, who lived at that time with Francoise Hamelin, he obtained permission to take her to Paris, where she could be taught the trade of making flowers.  Unfortunately, however, he died three months later.  Le Reve.

FRANCHOMME (THERESE), wife of the preceding.  After the death of her husband, she, being in delicate health, was obliged to leave the city and go to live with her brother Rabier, a tanner, who was settled at Beaumont.  She died a few months afterwards, leaving to the care of the Rabiers the child Angelique, whom she had brought with her from Paris.  Le Reve.

FRANCIS, the hairdresser of Nana.  He was in the habit of lending money to his customers, and on one occasion he found, with the assistance of Labordette, a hundred thousand francs for Comte Muffat, who required the money for Nana.  Nana.

FRANCIS, coachman to the Gregoires.  He also did the heavy work of the household.  Germinal.

FRANCOIS, a wine-merchant whose shop was situated at the corner of Rue des Poissonniers and of Rue de la Goutte d’Or.  Coupeau frequently spent whole days there.  L’Assommoir.

FRANCOIS, concierge and footman in Nana’s establishment.  He was the husband of Victorine, the cook.  He received visitors in the hall, wearing a gorgeous livery.  Nana.

FRANCOIS (MADAME), a market-gardener of Nanterre.  She drove regularly to Paris in the early morning with her vegetables, and on one occasion found Florent lying on the road from want and exhaustion.  She took him to town in her cart, and subsequently showed kindness to him and Claude Lantier.  Le Ventre de Paris.

FRANCOISE, housemaid to Madame Theophile Vabre.  Pot-Bouille.

FRANCOISE, the servant of M. and Madame Sandoz in their little house in Rue Nollet.  L’Oeuvre.

FRANGIPANE, a horse which belonged to Baron Verdier and ran in the Grand Prix de Paris.  Nana.

FREDERICK (MADAME), a widow who held the position of “second hand” in the dress department of “The Ladies’ Paradise.”  Au Bonheur des Dames.

FIRMAT, an old peasant of Rognes who was a neighbour of Mouche.  He became paralysed.  La Terre.

FIRMAT (LA), wife of the preceding.  She was well known in the village for her knowledge of animals, and was frequently consulted when it would otherwise have been necessary to call in a veterinary surgeon.  She worked hard to support her invalid husband, to whom she was devoted, and wept at the thought that he was soon to die.  La Terre.


GABET (MERE), an old woman who assisted the Huberts with their washing.  She became ill, and being in great poverty, was assisted by Angelique, and later by Felicien.  Le Reve.

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