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ECOSSE (S.A.R.  LE PRINCE D’), the son of a queen and heir to a throne.  He was tall and strong, with a fair beard and a fresh complexion.  He was an habitue of the Theatre des Varietes, and an admirer of Nana, whom he wished to bring to London as a singer.  Later, Nana spoke of him with little respect.  Nana.

ECREVISSE (L’), a celebrated demi-mondaine of the Second Empire.  La Curee.

EMPEREUR, one of the dogs of the shepherd Soulas.  He was a fierce animal, and, like his master, hated Jacqueline Cognet.  La Terre.

ERNESTINE, a woman who once occupied a room in Bourras’s house, and had written her name in candle-smoke on the ceiling.  Au Bonheur des Dames.

ESCORAILLES (MARQUIS D’), father of Jules d’Escorailles.  “The Escorailles family was one of the oldest in Plassans, where it was treated with the utmost respect; and Rougon, who in former days had often dragged his worn-down boots past the old Marquis’s house, took a pride in protecting and assisting the young man.  The family retained an enthusiastic devotion for Henri V, though it allowed its heir to serve the Empire.”  The Marquis and his wife visited Paris specially to ask the assistance of Rougon in furthering the interests of their son.  After Rougon’s proceedings against the Sisters of the Holy Family, in the interest of the Charbonnels, they again visited Paris to insist on their son retiring from the administration, as they said they could not allow him to be mixed up in any persecution of the Church.  Son Excellence Eugene Rougon.

ESCORAILLES (MARQUISE D’), wife of the preceding.  Son Excellence Eugene Rougon.

ESCORAILLES (JULES D’), son of the Marquis d’Escorailles, a nobleman of Plassans, at whose request Rougon got Jules an appointment as auditor at the Council of State.  After Rougon’s return to office he appointed M. Escorailles his private secretary.  He carried on an intrigue with Madame Bouchard.  Son Excellence Eugene Rougon.

ESPANET (MARQUIS D’), husband of the Marquise Adeline.  He was made aide-de-camp to the Emperor, but by his riotous conduct scandalized the older nobility.  He never appeared in society with his wife.  La Curee.

ESPANET (MARQUISE D’), one of the most prominent leaders of society of the Second Empire, was the inseparable companion of Madame Haffner, whose name was always associated with hers by the public.  They were both schoolfellows and friends of Madame Renee Saccard.  La Curee.

EUGENIE, cook for a short time to Madame Theophile Vabre.  Pot-Bouille.

EUGENIE, a child buried in the cemetery of Cayenne at Saint-Ouen, where Bongard and Sandoz read the inscription on a poor cross, without railing, set up slantingly across a path, “Eugenie, three days.”  L’Oeuvre.

EUGENIE (EMPRESS), referred to in Son Excellence Eugene Rougon, and La Debacle.

EULALIE, a laundress who lived in Rue Montmartre.  Gilquin, when visiting her, chanced to overhear in an adjoining room a conversation between some Italians who had come to Paris to assassinate the Emperor.  Son Excellence Eugene Rougon.

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