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DAIGREMONT, a Paris financier who was possessed of an enormous fortune.  It was said that his fidelity was not quite reliable, and that on one occasion at least he played his allies false and swept away the profits.  He was approached by Saccard before the foundation of the Universal Bank, and being assured that Eugene Rougon was to back up his brother, he agreed to become one of the directors.  He supported Saccard during the great gamble in the shares of the bank, and even on the day of the collapse had promised to come on the market and buy so heavily as to put up the price of the shares.  Having received information through Jacoby that Gundermann was determined at any cost to break the market, Daigremont deserted Saccard, and instead of buying, sold all the shares he had, thereby bringing about the final collapse.  L’Argent.

DAIGREMONT (MADAME), wife of the preceding.  She was celebrated for her beauty and for her fine singing.  L’Argent.

DALICHAMP, a doctor at Raucourt, six kilometres from Remilly.  He was a man of brusque manner, but of excellent heart, who showed much kindness to his patients.  In the middle of August, 1870, he established an ambulance at Raucourt, and after Jean Macquart, severely wounded, had arrived at the house of Pere Fouchard, Dalichamp attended him secretly till his recovery.  It was through him that Henriette Weiss and Jean gained their knowledge of the disasters which were everywhere overtaking the French army.  La Debacle.

DAMBREVILLE, a Government official who married in order to secure promotion through the influence of his wife.  Pot-Bouille.

DAMBREVILLE (MADAME), wife of the preceding.  An elderly woman with a passion for Leon Josserand, whose appointment as Maitre des Requetes she procured by her influence.  She promised to secure a wealthy wife for him, but delayed to do so until he insisted on a match being arranged between him and her niece Raymonde.  Her friendly relations with him continued to subsist even after his marriage.  Pot-Bouille.

DAMBREVILLE (RAYMONDE), niece of Dambreville.  See Madame Leon Josserand.

DANSAERT, a head captain in the Voreux pit.  He was brutal and overbearing with the workmen, but humble in the presence of his superiors.  Though it was well known that he was the lover of La Pierronne, he was friendly with her husband, and got information from him regarding the progress of the strike.  On the day of the accident in the pit he became mad with fear, and leaped into one of the cages, leaving his men at the bottom.  This action, together with the scandals regarding him, caused the company to decide on his dismissal.  Germinal.

DASTE (MADAME), a friend of the Saccards and of Madame de Lauwerens.  La Curee.

DAUVERGNE, deputy station-master for the main lines at the Gare Saint-Lazare.  He occupied with his family, Claire, Henri, and Sophie, a house belonging to the railway company in the Impasse d’Amsterdam.  La Bete Humaine.

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