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years, until the formation of a new road gave a greatly increased value to his share.  In the same way he refused to marry his cousin Lise Mouche, by whom he already had a son, until, after her father’s death, she had inherited a share of his property.  Buteau’s chief anxiety then became to prevent a division of this land between his wife and her sister Francoise, and when, after the girl’s marriage to Jean Macquart, this became imminent, he and his wife eventually murdered her.  His father had been a witness of the crime, and as his silence was essential, he too was cruelly done to death.  After these terrible events Buteau was able to sleep calmly, for the land, his overwhelming passion in life, was his beyond possibility of dispute.  La Terre.

BUTEAU (MADAME), wife of the preceding.  See Lise Mouche.  La Terre.

BUTEAU (JULES), the eldest child of the preceding, who were not married till three years after his birth.  At nine years old he was the sole friend of old Fouan, but he soon came to neglect the old man.  La Terre.

BUTEAU (LAURE), the second child of the Buteaus.  At four years old she had already the hard eyes of her family, and was hostile to her grandfather, old Fouan.  By jealousy she detached from him her brother Jules.  La Terre.


CABASSE, a franc-tireur of the woods of Dieulet.  He was the favourite companion of Ducat, and along with Guillaume Sambuc formed part of the band which so greatly embarrassed the Prussians in the neighbourhood of Sedan.  He took part in the execution of Goliath Steinberg, the German spy.  La Debacle.

CABIN (MADAME), the woman who looked after the bedrooms occupied by the saleswomen in “The Ladies’ Paradise.”  In consideration of small bribes, she allowed numerous breaches of the strict rules of the establishment.  Au Bonheur des Dames.

CABIROCHE (SIMONNE), an actress at the Theatre des Varietes.  She was the daughter of a furniture dealer in the Faubourg Saint-Antoine, and had been educated at a boarding-school in order that she might become a governess.  She played the part of Isabelle in the Petite Duchesse.  Nana.

CABUCHE, a quarryman at Becourt, who lived alone in a hut in the middle of the forest.  He was condemned to five years’ imprisonment for having killed a man in a tavern brawl, but on account of his good conduct was liberated at the end of four years.  From that time he was avoided by every one, and lived like a savage in the woods.  Louisette, the younger daughter of Madame Misard, who was then fourteen years old, met him one day in the forest, and a strange friendship was formed between them, the rough man almost adoring this child, who alone was not afraid to speak to him.  The girl afterwards went as a servant to Madame Bonnehon, but one evening Cabuche found her at his door, half mad with fright and on the verge of brain fever.  He nursed her tenderly,

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