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ANTONIA, waiting-maid to Clorinde Balbi, with whom she was on familiar terms.  Son Excellence Eugene Rougon.

ARCHANGLAS (BROTHER), a Christian Brother, who lived at Les Artaud, and taught children there.  He was a coarse-minded man of violent temper, whose hatred of women led him to make the gravest charges against them.  He constituted himself a spy on the actions of Abbe Mouret, and was partly the means of calling back the priest’s memory of his sacred calling.  He insulted Jeanbernat and Albine so grossly, that after the girl’s death the old man attacked him and cut off his right ear with a pocket-knife.  La Faute de l’Abbe Mouret.

AUBERTOT (MADAME ELIZABETH), sister of M. Beraud du Chatel, and aunt of Renee and Christine.  She gave a large sum of money to Saccard on his marriage to Renee.  La Curee.

AUBRY (SEVERINE), youngest daughter of a gardener in the employment of Grandmorin.  Her mother died when she was in infancy, and she was only thirteen when she lost her father also.  President Grandmorin, who was her godfather, took charge of her, and brought her up with his daughter Berthe.  The two girls were sent to the same school at Rouen, and spent their holidays together at Doinville.  Ignorant and facile, Severine yielded to the designs of the old President, who subsequently arranged a marriage for her with Roubaud, an employee of the Western Railway Company.  For three years the couple lived happily, but a moment of forgetfulness, a trifling lie which she neglected to sustain, revealed everything to Roubaud.  In an accession of jealous fury he forced his wife to become his accomplice in the murder of Grandmorin, and it was she who threw herself across the limbs of the President while her husband struck the fatal blow.  Suspicions fell upon the Roubauds, and indeed the truth was known to M. Camy-Lamotte, but political considerations made it desirable that the character of President Grandmorin should not be publicly discussed, and the inquiry into the murder was dropped.  The domestic relations between the Roubauds were becoming more and more strained, and Severine became entirely enamoured of Jacques Lantier.  In order to free herself from her husband, she persuaded Lantier to murder Roubaud and fly with her to America.  The arrangements were completed when Lantier was seized with one of the homicidal frenzies to which he was subject, and it was Severine herself who fell under his knife instead of their intended victim.  La Bete Humaine.

AUGUSTE, keeper of an eating-house known as Le Moulin d’Argent on Boulevard de la Chapelle.  The wedding party of Coupeau and Gervaise was given there.  L’Assommoir.

AUGUSTE, a waiter at the Cafe des Varietes.  Nana.

AUGUSTE, a young swine-herd at La Borderie.  He assisted Soulas, the old shepherd, to look after the sheep.  La Terre.

AUGUSTINE, a young girl who assisted Gervaise Coupeau in her laundry.  She was squint-eyed and mischievous, and was always making trouble with the other employees.  As she was the least qualified and therefore the worst-paid assistant in the laundry, she was kept on after decreasing business caused the others to leave.  L’Assommoir.

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