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VIRGINIE, sister of Adele, for whose sake Auguste Lantier deserted Gervaise Macquart.  Gervaise, meeting Virginie in a public washing-house, was taunted by her on the subject of her lover, and a terrible fight between the two women followed, Virginie being severely beaten.  Gervaise did not see her again for some years, by which time she had married M. Poisson, an ex-soldier, who later became a policeman.  She professed to have overlooked the fight with Gervaise, but appears to have been not without hope that an opportunity of repaying her injuries might eventually arise.  When the Coupeaus gave way to drink, Lantier, who had again established friendly relations, suggested that Virginie should take the Coupeaus’ shop and buy a stock of groceries and sweetmeats with a legacy she had received from an aunt.  Partly moved by a desire for revenge on Gervaise, she did so, and Lantier retained with the Poissons the place as a lodger he formerly occupied with the Coupeaus.  Soon after, he became Virginie’s lover, and, by paying nothing for his support, while he gradually ate the contents of the shop, he accomplished the downfall of the Poissons in much the same manner as he had already ruined the Coupeaus.  L’Assommoir.

VISCARDI (SIGNOR), a Venetian political refugee, and a friend of Comtesse Balbi.  Son Excellence Eugene Rougon.

VOINCOURT (COMTESSE DE), mother of Claire de Voincourt.  She occupied at Beaumont a house adjoining the bishop’s palace.  Le Reve.

VOINCOURT (CLAIRE DE), the daughter of an old family of great wealth who lived at Beaumont.  Monseigneur d’Hautecoeur wished to arrange a marriage between her and Felicien, his son; his plans were assisted by the belief of Felicien that Angelique, with whom he had fallen in love, no longer cared for him.  This belief having proved false, the proposed marriage between Felicien and Claire de Voincourt did not take place.  Le Reve.

VORIAU, a large black dog which belonged to Bambousse, the Mayor of Artaud.  La Faute de l’Abbe Mouret.

VUILLAUME (M. and MADAME), the parents of Madame Pichon, whom they visited every Sunday afternoon.  They were, later, much annoyed with the Pichons, whose family became, they considered, too large for their means.  Pot-Bouille.

VUILLAUME (MARIE).  See Madame Marie Pichon.

VUILLET, a bookseller of Plassans, who published a biweekly journal, the Gazette de Plassans, which was devoted exclusively to the interests of the clergy.  La Fortune des Rougon.


WEISS, husband of Henriette Levasseur, and cousin of Otto Gunther.  He got a situation in the refinery at Chene-Populeux, almost in a menial position, but he gradually educated himself, and by dint of hard work raised himself to the position of accountant.  A clear-headed man, he early saw the causes that were to lead to the downfall of his country, and expressed himself strongly regarding the unprepared state of

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