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TROUCHE (HONORE), brother-in-law of Abbe Faujas.  Having been unsuccessful in business at Besancon, he followed Faujas to Plassans, where he went with his wife to live in rooms rented by the Abbe from Francois Mouret.  He was of bad character and quite unscrupulous, but by the influence of Faujas he was appointed Secretary to the Girls’ Home started by Madame Mouret and other ladies of Plassans.  Having got a footing in the Mourets’ house, he soon began to take advantage of his position, and little by little got possession of the whole premises.  He did all he could to encourage the idea of Francois Mouret’s madness, and after the unfortunate man’s removal to the asylum was able with greater ease to carry out his schemes.  Mouret having ultimately escaped from the asylum, returned to his home and set it on fire; Trouche perished in the flames.  La Conquete de Plassans.

TROUCHE (MADAME OLYMPE), wife of the preceding, and sister of Abbe Faujas.  She accompanied her husband to Plassans, and contributed largely to the ruin of the Mouret family.  Utterly heartless, she stopped at nothing, robbing Madame Mouret of money, clothing, everything that came within her power.  Nemesis came with the return of Francois Mouret, who set fire to his house, causing the death of Madame Trouche as well as that of her husband.  La Conquete de Plassans.

TROUILLE (LA), the nickname of Olympe Fouan.  La Terre.

TRUBLOT (HECTOR), a young man whom Madame Josserand hoped at one time to secure as a husband for her daughter.  He had, however, no thoughts of marriage, and as he was averse to any risk of complications, his habit was to select his female friends from among the maid-servants of his acquaintances.  He was employed as correspondent in the office of Monsieur Desmarquay, a money-changer.  Pot-Bouille.


VABRE, a notary of Versailles who retired to Paris with a fortune, part of which he invested in the house in Rue de Choiseul occupied by the Duveyriers, the Josserands, and others.  He had unfortunately a hidden passion for gambling in stocks and shares, and when he died it was found that his whole fortune had been dissipated, even his house being heavily mortgaged.  Pot-Bouille.

VABRE (AUGUSTE), eldest son of M. Vabre, carried on a silk merchant’s business in part of the premises which belonged to his father.  He married Berthe Josserand, but as he suffered much from neuralgia, and was, in addition, of a niggardly disposition, the marriage was not a happy one.  An intrigue between Madame Vabre and Octave Mouret followed, and on its discovery she returned to her parents.  For a considerable time Vabre refused to forgive his wife, but a reconciliation was ultimately brought about through the intervention of Abbe Mauduit.  Vabre’s fortunes were adversely affected by the extension of Madame Hedouin’s business, known as “The Ladies’ Paradise.”  Pot-Bouille.

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