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ROUGON (-----), the child of Doctor Pascal Rougon and of Clotilde
Rougon, born some months after his father’s death.  Pascal a few
minutes before he died, drew towards him the genealogical tree of the
Rougon-Macquart family, over which he had spent so many years, and in
a vacant space wrote the words:  “The unknown child, to be born in 1874. 
What will it be?” Le Docteur Pascal.

ROUSSE (LA), a peasant girl of Les Artaud, who assisted to decorate the church for the festival of the Virgin.  La Faute de l’Abbe Mouret.

ROUSSEAU, one of the auditors of the Universal Bank, an office which he shared with Lavigniere, under whose influence he was to a great extent.  L’Argent.

ROUSSELOT (MONSEIGNEUR), Bishop of Plassans, an amiable but weak man, who was entirely under the influence of Abbe Fenil.  Having got into disfavour with the Government over the election of a Legitimist as Deputy, he was anxious to retrieve his position, and with this object agreed to appoint Abbe Faujas vicar of Saint-Saturnin’s church.  This led to a quarrel with Abbe Fenil, who, of course, resented the appointment.  The Bishop being still in some doubt as to the standing of Abbe Faujas with the Government, went to Paris, where he interviewed Eugene Rougon, the Minister of State.  Satisfied with the information which he received, he threw himself heartily into the political struggle then proceeding at Plassans, giving Faujas every assistance in carrying out his schemes on behalf of the Bonapartist candidate.  La Conquete de Plassans.

ROUSSIE (LA), a woman who had formerly worked as a putter in the Voreux pit.  Germinal.

ROUSTAN (ABBE), one of the clergy of Sainte-Eustache church.  Madame Lisa Quenu consulted him as to her proposed course of action regarding Florent.  Le Ventre de Paris.

ROUVET, an old peasant who lived in the same village as Zephyrin Lacour and Rosalie Pichon.  One of her pleasures consisted in calling to mind the sayings of the old man.  Une Page d’Amour.

ROZAN (DUC DE), was a young man of dissolute life, who, after getting the control of his fortune, soon went through the greater part of it.  He was the lover of Renee Saccard for a time.  La Curee.

ROZAN (DUCHESSE DE), mother of the preceding.  She kept her son so short of money that, till he was thirty-five, he seldom had more than a dozen louis at a time.  Her death was largely occasioned by the knowledge of the enormous amount of debts her son had incurred.  La Curee.

RUSCONI (CHEVALIER), the Sardinian Minister at Paris, a friend of Comtesse Balbi, and her daughter.  Son Excellence Eugene Rougon.


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