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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 288 pages of information about A Zola Dictionary; the Characters of the Rougon-Macquart Novels of Emile Zola;.

18.  VICTOR ROUGON, alias SACCARD, born in 1853.  Adjunction of characteristics.  Physical resemblance to his father.  Has disappeared.

19.  ANGELIQUE ROUGON, born in 1851, married in 1869 to Felicien de Hautecoeur, and dies the same day of a complaint never determined.  Innateness:  no resemblance to her mother or forerunners on the maternal side.  No information as to her father.

20.  OCTAVE MOURET, born in 1840, married in 1865 to Madame Hedouin, who dies the same year; remarried in 1869 to Denise Baudu, a healthy girl with a well-balanced mind, by whom he has a boy and a girl, still too young to be classified.  Prepotency of his father.  Physical resemblance to his uncle, Eugene Rougon.  Indirect heredity.  Establishes and directs “The Ladies’ Paradise.”  Still alive in Paris.

21.  SERGE MOURET, born in 1841.  A dissemination of characteristics; moral and physical resemblance to his mother.  Has his father’s brain, influenced by the diseased condition of his mother.  Heredity of a form of neurosis developing into mysticism.  A priest, still alive at St. Eutrope.

22.  DESIREE MOURET, born in 1844.  Prepotency of and physical likeness to her mother.  Heredity of a form of neurosis developing into idiocy.  Still alive at St. Eutrope with her brother Serge.

23.  JEANNE GRANDJEAN, born in 1842, dies of a nervous complaint in 1855.  Reverting heredity, skipping two generations.  Physical and moral resemblance to Adelaide Fouque.

24.  Pauline Quenu, born in 1852, never marries.  An equilibrious blending of characteristics.  Moral and physical resemblance to her father and mother.  An example of honesty.  Still alive at Bonneville.

25.  CLAUDE LANTIER, born in 1842, married in 1865 to Caroline Hallegrain, whose father succumbed to paraplegia; has by her, prior to marriage, a son, Jacques, who dies in 1869; hangs himself in 1870.  A fusion of characteristics.  Moral prepotency of and physical resemblance to his mother.  Heredity of a form of neurosis developing into genius.  A painter.

26.  JACQUES LANTIER, born in 1844, killed in an accident in 1870.  Prepotency of his mother.  Physical likeness to his father.  Heredity of alcoholism, developing into homicidal mania.  An example of crime.  An engine-driver.

27.  ETIENNE LANTIER, born in 1846.  A dissemination of characteristics.  Physical resemblance, first to his mother, afterwards to his father.  A miner.  Still alive, transported to Noumea, there married, with children, it is said, who cannot, however, be classified.

28.  ANNA COUPEAU, alias NANA, born in 1852, gives birth to a child, Louis, in 1867, loses him in 1870, dies herself of small-pox a few days later.  A blending of characteristics.  Moral prepotency of her father.  Physical resemblance to her mother’s first lover, Lantier.  Heredity of alcoholism developing into mental and physical perversion.  An example of vice.

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