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8.  SIDONIE ROUGON, born in 1818, married at Plassans in 1838 to a solicitor’s clerk, who dies in Paris in 1850.  Has, by a stranger, in 1851, a daughter Angelique, whom she places in the foundling asylum.  Prepotency of her father, physical likeness to her mother.  A commission agent and procuress, dabbling in every shady calling; but eventually becomes very austere.  Still alive in Paris, treasurer to the OEuvre du Sacrement.

9.  MARTHE ROUGON, born in 1820, married in 1840 to her cousin Francois Mouret, bears him three children, dies in 1864 from a nervous disease.  Reverting heredity, skipping one generation.  Hysteria.  Moral and physical likeness to Adelaide Fouque.  Resembles her husband.

10.  FRANCOIS MOURET, born in 1817, married in 1840 to Marthe Rougon, who bears him three children; dies mad in 1864 in a conflagration kindled by himself.  Prepotency of his father.  Physical likeness to his mother.  Resembles his wife.  At first a wine-merchant, then lives on his income.

11.  HELENE MOURET, born in 1824, married in 1841 to Grandjean, a puny man, inclined to phthisis, who dies in 1853; has a daughter by him in 1842; remarried in 1857 to M. Rambaud, by whom she has no children.  Innateness as in Pascal Rougon’s case.  Still living, at Marseilles, in retirement with her second husband.

12.  SILVERE MOURET, born in 1834; shot dead by a gendarme in 1851.  Prepotency of his mother.  Innateness with regard to physical resemblance.

13.  LISA MACQUART, born in 1827, married in 1852 to Quenu, a healthy man with a well-balanced mind.  Bears him a daughter, dies in 1863 from decomposition of the blood.  Prepotency of and physical likeness to her mother.  Keeps a large pork-butcher’s shop at the Paris markets.

14.  GERVAISE MACQUART, born in 1828, has three sons by her lover Lantier, who counts paralytics among his ancestors; is taken to Paris, and there deserted by him; is married in 1852 to a workman, Coupeau, who comes of an alcoholic stock; has a daughter by him; dies of misery and drink in 1869.  Prepotency of her father.  Conceived in drunkenness.  Is lame.  A washerwoman.

15.  JEAN MACQUART, born in 1831, married in 1867 to Francoise Mouche, who dies childless in 1870; remarried in 1871 to Melanie Vial, a sturdy, healthy peasant-girl, by whom he has a son, and who is again enceinte.  Innateness, as with Pascal and Helene.  First a peasant, then a soldier, then peasant again.  Still alive at Valqueyras.

Fourth Generation: 

16.  MAXIME ROUGON, alias SACCARD, born in 1840, has a son in 1857 by a servant, Justine Megot, the chlorotic daughter of drunken parents; married in 1863 to Louise de Mareuil, who dies childless the same year; succumbs to ataxia in 1873.  A dissemination of characteristics.  Moral prepotency of his father, physical likeness to his mother.  Idle, inclined to spending unearned money.

17.  CLOTILDE ROUGON, alias SACCARD, born in 1847, has a son by Pascal Rougon in 1874.  Prepotency of her mother.  Reverting heredity, the moral and physical characteristics of her maternal grandfather preponderant.  Still alive at Plassans.

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