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QUITTARD (FRANCOISE), widow of a mason, and now caretaker of the dye-works at Bazeilles, which belonged to Delaherche.  Before the battle all the workers made their escape into Belgium, but Francoise was unable to leave on account of the illness of her little son.  Early in the attack by the Prussians, the unfortunate woman was killed by a cannon ball.  La Debacle.


RABIER, a tanner of Beaumont.  He was a brother of Madame Franchomme, and after her death she left the child Angelique in the care of him and his wife.  They treated the girl with such cruelty that she ultimately ran away, finding shelter with the Huberts.  Le Reve.

RACHAEL, the maid-servant in Auguste Vabre’s household.  As Octave Mouret and Madame Vabre did not bribe her sufficiently, she revealed their intrigue to Vabre.  She acted as his housekeeper for some time, but had to leave after the reconciliation between him and his wife.  Pot-Bouille.

RAMBAUD (M.), half-brother of Abbe Jouve, had a large business in the Rue de Rambuteau, where he sold oil and other southern produce.  Along with Abbe Jouve he showed much kindness to Helene Grandjean after the death of her husband, and was a constant visitor at her house.  Later on, the Abbe tried to arrange a marriage between Rambaud and Helene, but at her request the decision was delayed.  Meantime the love episode with Doctor Deberle intervened, followed by the death of Jeanne.  Two years afterwards the marriage took place, Rambaud having previously sold his Paris business and removed to Marseilles.  Une Page d’Amour.

He retired from business and went to live at Marseilles.  Having by his marriage become a cousin of Madame Lisa Quenu, he was appointed a member of the family council which nominally had charge of her daughter’s fortune.  La Joie de Vivre.

Rambaud led a happy life with his wife, whom he adored.  Le Docteur Pascal.

RAMBAUD (MADAME), wife of the preceding.  See Helene Mouret.

RAMOND (DR.), a pupil and fellow-practitioner of Dr. Pascal.  He wished to marry Clotilde Rougon, but she refused him, and he subsequently married Mademoiselle Leveque.  When Doctor Pascal was seized with an affection of the heart, Ramond diagnosed the nature of the illness, and subsequently attended him with unremitting care until his death.  Le Docteur Pascal.

RAMOND (MADAME), wife of the preceding.  See Mademoiselle Leveque.  Le Docteur Pascal.

RANVIER (ABBE), succeeded Abbe Jouve as cure at Montsou.  He was of socialistic tendencies, and blamed the middle classes, who he said robbed the Church, for all the horrors produced by the strike at Montsou.  Upon the troops who had been called on to fire upon the strikers, he called down the anger of God, predicting an hour of justice in which fire would descend from heaven to exterminate the bourgeoisie.  He was finally removed by the Bishop as too compromising.  Germinal.

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