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PLUCHART, a former workman who was now secretary of a branch of the International Association of workers.  He had been Etienne Lantier’s foreman at Lille, and at his request came to Montsou to address the miners there.  As a result of his visit ten thousand miners joined the International Association.  Germinal.

POIRETTE (LE PERE), a countryman of Bennecourt, with small eyes and the face of a wolf.  He was the owner of an old cottage, which Claude Lantier and Christine rented from him for two hundred and fifty francs a year.  L’Oeuvre.

POISSON (M.), who was originally a cabinet-maker, served his time as a soldier, and ultimately got a place as a policeman, which he considered more certain and respectable.  He married Virginie, who afterwards went into business as a dealer in groceries and sweetmeats in the shop previously occupied by Gervaise Coupeau.  Auguste Lantier, who had for some time lodged with the Coupeaus, remained with the Poissons, and lived at their expense.  M. Poisson affected not to observe the resulting liaison between his wife and Lantier.  L’Assommoir.

POISSON (MADAME), wife of the preceding.  See Virginie.  L’Assommoir.

POLAND, a pet rabbit which belonged to Rasseneur, and was a favourite of Souvarine.  Germinal.

POMARE (LA REINE), a rag-picker, who had formerly been one of the handsomest women in Paris.  Now, for the sake of a laugh, the women of the district made her drink absinthe, after which the street boys would chase her and throw stones.  Nana.

PORQUIER (DR.) the fashionable medical man of Plassans.  He had considerable influence, and this was secured by Abbe Faujas on behalf of the Government’s candidate for the representation of Plassans by the promise of an appointment for his son, Guillaume, a young man who had hitherto given him much trouble.  La Conquete de Plassans.

PORQUIER (GUILLAUME), son of Dr. Porquier, had been sent to Paris to study, but did nothing there but get into debt.  He caused his father much distress, and was supposed to afford the worst possible example to the youth of Plassans, whom he was believed to lead into all kinds of mischief.  Ultimately, as a reward to his father, who had supported Delangre as representative of Plassans, Porquier was appointed chief clerk at the post office.  La Conquete de Plassans.

POUILLAUD, a fellow-pupil of Claude Lantier and Pierre Sandoz at the college of Plassans.  While there he was an inveterate practical joker, one of his escapades being the transformation of Professor Lalubie’s room into a chapelle ardente.  L’Oeuvre.

POWELL (MISS), second assistant in the corset department at Au Bonheur des Dames.  She was able to play the piano, a talent of which the other assistants were jealous.  Au Bonheur des Dames.

POZZO (LUIGI), Secretary to the Sardinian Minister at Paris.  “Diplomatist, painter, musician, and lover.”  A friend of Clorinde Balbi.  Son Excellence Eugene Rougon.

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