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LORILLEUX, a maker of gold chains, who was married to Coupeau’s sister.  He was a little man who looked much older than his age, and suffered from a constant cough.  Miserly and spiteful, he was jealous of the Coupeaus in their success, and rejoiced at their downfall.  L’Assommoir.

LORILLEUX (MADAME), wife of the preceding, was a sister of Coupeau, who married Gervaise Macquart.  Along with her husband, she worked at the trade of gold chain-making; like him, she was so avaricious that her custom was to examine the soles of her visitors’ boots lest they should depart with any adhering gold dust.  From the first she resented her brother’s marriage, and took every opportunity of being disagreeable to Gervaise.  Though she was willing to accept the Coupeaus’ hospitality in their prosperous days, she refused to do anything to assist them after their downfall.  L’Assommoir.

LORILLON (LES), peasants at Rognes, who were said to have been cured of illness by the bone-setter Sourdeau.  La Terre.

LOUBET, a soldier in the 106th Regiment of the line; in the squad of Corporal Jean Macquart.  He was unwilling to fight, and during the battle of 1st September, 1870, he assisted his comrade Chouteau to carry Sapin to the ambulance, spending the rest of the day in a tavern.  After the capitulation of the French army, Loubet was made a prisoner.  Along with Chouteau he made a determined effort to escape, and would have done so had not his companion treacherously tripped him up in order to increase his own chance.  La Debacle.

LOUHETTE, an elderly draper in Rue Neuve Saint-Augustin.  He was the father of Madame Theophile Vabre.  Pot-Bouille.

LOUHETTE (MADAME), wife of the preceding, and mother of Madame Theophile Vabre.  Pot-Bouille.

LOUHETTE (VALERIE).  See Theophile Vabre.

LOUIS, Irma Becot’s butler at her house in the Avenue de Villiers. 

LOUIS, cousin of Cabuche, and, like him, a quarryman.  He drove Cabuche’s wagon on the evening of the murder of President Grandmorin.  La Bete Humaine.

LOUIS, an artillery gunner, in the same battery as Honore Fouchard and Adolphe.  He was mated with Adolphe, who was inclined to treat him as an inferior.  In the attack by the Prussians on the Calvary d’Illy Louis fell, killed by the same shot as his comrade, and the two died entwined in one another’s arms.  La Debacle.

LOUIS (LA MERE), a wine-seller, who was famous for her “hen feet.”  L’Assommoir.

LOUISE, an actress at the Palais-Royal.  Nana.

LOUISE, a young girl who was brought up in an Orphanage.  At fifteen she went as maid-servant to Madame Jazeur, but not proving satisfactory, was sent back to the Orphanage.  Pot-Bouille.

LOUISET, the pet name of Louis Coupeau, son of Nana, born 1867.  Left at first with a nurse in the country, he was afterwards taken charge of by his aunt, Madame Lerat, who removed him to Batignolles.  He was a delicate child, pale and scrofulous, bearing a legacy of ill-health derived from an unknown father.  He died in July, 1870, of small-pox, which he communicated to his mother, who had just returned from Russia.  Nana.

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