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JANTROU, an ex-professor of the University of Bordeaux, who in consequence of some misconduct was obliged to leave for Paris, without caste or position.  At the age of twenty-eight, he landed at the Bourse, where for ten years he dragged out existence as a remisier or broker’s tout.  At the time of the foundation of the Universal Bank he suggested to Saccard the purchase of a newspaper to be employed in the interest of the company.  The purchase was carried out, and Jantrou was appointed editor.  Subsequently other papers were acquired, which he manipulated so as to keep the bank continually before the public.  He gave information to Baroness Sandorff which she repeated to Gundermann, who was induced thereby to continue his attack on the bank.  L’Argent.

JEANBERNAT, the caretaker of the deserted estate of Paradou in Provence.  He lived by himself with his niece Albine in an old house on the border of the demesne.  In an attic he had found a large number of books which had been saved from a fire in the old mansion, and these he studied for twenty years, imbibing from them the rationalistic theories of the eighteenth century.  He had no respect for religion, and particularly disliked Brother Archangias, who insulted both him and his niece.  After the death of Albine he attacked Archangias, and cut off his right ear with a pocket-knife.  La Faute de l’Abbe Mouret.

JENARD, a partner in the firm of Cornille and Jenard, which developed in the eighteenth century the mineral concession of Joiselle.  Germinal.

JESUS CHRIST, the sobriquet of Hyacinthe Fouan.  La Terre.

JEUMONT (M.  AND MADAME), were well known in society during the Second Empire.  The Emperor admired Madame Jeumont, and her husband was decorated by him.  L’Argent.

JOBELIN (AUGUSTE), son of Colonel Jobelin.  Contrary to regulations, Eugene Rougon took him into the office of the Minister of the Interior without the necessary bachelor’s degree.  Son Excellence Eugene Rougon.

JOBELIN (COLONEL), a friend of Eugene Rougon, through whose aid he hoped to secure a nomination as commander of the Legion of Honour, and an appointment for his son.  He was a cousin of M. Bouchard.  After Rougon’s return to office he received the appointment as commander.  Son Excellence Eugene Rougon.

JOIRE (ABBE), Cure of Montsou.  He pretended not to interest himself in anything, so as not to vex either the workers or the masters.  During the strike he took his walks at night, to prevent himself from being compromised by the miners.  He obtained promotion, and was replaced by Abbe Ranvier.  Germinal.

JONCQUIER, a lover of Rose Mignon, who deserted her for a time in favour of Laure.  Nana.

JONCQUOY (MADAME DU), an old friend of the Muffats.  Years ago she had met Bismarck, who struck her as stupid; she was unable to understand his later success.  Nana.

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