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Jose’s struggle was brief; he promptly resigned himself to the inevitable.  With every evidence of sincerity he assured Longorio of his loyalty, and denied the least intention of betraying his general’s confidence.  What, after all, was his mission upon earth if not to serve Longorio’s interests?  One might have a peaceful heart and still be a man.  Jose was every inch a man; he was a very devil when he let himself go, and his Excellency need have no fears as to the outcome of their plan.  After all, the gringos were enemies, and there was no one of them who did not merit destruction.

Pleased with these sentiments, and feeling sufficiently assured that Jose was now really in the proper frame of mind to suit his purpose, Longorio took the winding trail back toward Sangre de Cristo.



A few days after she had written to Judge Ellsworth Alaire followed her letter in person, for, having at last decided to divorce Ed, she acted with characteristic decision.  Since Ellsworth had more than once advised this very course, she went to Brownsville anticipating his willing support.  She was greatly amazed, therefore, to find that he had completely changed his views and to hear him argue strongly against her determination.  Hurt and puzzled at first by this strange lack of sympathy, Alaire soon began to grow angry, and when the judge persisted in his arguments she quarreled with him for the first time in their acquaintance.  But it was not until she had threatened to secure another attorney that he reluctantly gave in, even then making it plain that in meeting her wishes he was acting against his best judgment.

Now Alaire had desired Ellsworth’s advice, also, as to her own immediate plans, since it was of course impossible for her longer to share Ed’s roof.  She had written Dave Law, telling him that she intended to go to La Feria, there to remain pending the hearing of her suit; but later she had come to doubt the wisdom of such a course, inasmuch as the war talk grew louder with every day.  However, her attorney’s inexplicable change of front and his stubborn opposition to her wishes prevented her from confiding in him any more than was necessary, and she returned to Las Palmas determined to use her own best judgment.  To be sure, she would have preferred some place of refuge other than La Feria, but she reasoned that there she would at least be undisturbed, and that Ed, even if he wished to effect a reconciliation, would not dare to follow her, since he was persona non grata in Federal Mexico.  Nor were her doubts of Ellsworth’s loyalty entirely allayed.  All in all, therefore, it seemed to her that the Mexican ranch offered her the safest asylum.

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