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He would have given all that he possessed (which was not much), he would have endured any imaginable suffering, he thought, to have his hair back again.

His mother’s wondering eyes rose up before him with every shade of expression; his misery pursued him, his vanity mocked him.  The end of it all was that he stole up to his room and went to bed without his supper.

But when his mother had vainly waited for him, and some one suggested that he might be in the house, she went to his room.

He heard her on the stairs; he felt that she was at the door.  When she entered he had hidden his head beneath the bedclothes.  She dragged them back; and at the first sight of her dismay he was reduced to such despair that the tears which were beginning to flow ceased at once.

White and horror-struck she stood there; indeed she thought at first that some one had done it maliciously; but when she could not extract a word of enlightenment, she suspected mischief.

He felt that she was waiting for an explanation, an excuse, a prayer for forgiveness, but he could not, for the life of him, get out a word.

What, indeed, could he say?  He did not understand it himself.  But now he began to cry violently.  He huddled himself together, clasping his head between his hands.  It felt like a bristly stubble.

When he looked up again his mother was gone.

A child sleeps in spite of everything.  He came down the next morning in a contrite mood and thoroughly shamefaced.  His mother was not up; she was unwell, for she had not slept a wink.  He heard this before he went to her.  He opened her door timidly.  There she lay, the picture of wretchedness.

On the toilet-table, in a white silk handkerchief, was his hair, smoothed and combed.

She lay there in her lace-trimmed nightgown, great tears rolling down her cheeks.  He had come, intending to throw himself into her arms and beg her pardon a thousand times.  But he had a strong feeling that he had better not do so, or was he afraid to?  She was in the clouds, far, far away.  She seemed in a trance:  something, at once painful and sacred, held her enchained.  She was both pathetic and sublime,

The boy stepped quietly from the room and hurried off to school.

She remained in bed that day and the next, and made him sit with the servant in order that she might be alone.  When she was in trouble she always behaved thus, and that he should cross her in this way was the greatest trial that she had ever known.  It came upon her, too, like a deluge of rain from a clear sky.  Now it seemed to her that she could foresee his future—­and her own.

She laid the blame of all this on his paternal ancestry.  She could not see that incessant artistic fuss and too much intellectual training had, perhaps, aroused in him a desire for independence.

The first time that she saw him again with his cropped head, which grew more and more like his father’s in shape, her tears flowed quietly.

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