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As they are to be made at the short session of Congress, it would, as well as from other considerations, be more convenient to commence the enumeration from an earlier period of the year than the first of August.  The most favorable season would be the spring.

On a review of the former enumerations it will be found that the plan for taking every census has contained many improvements upon that of its predecessor.  The last is still susceptible of much improvement.  The 3rd Census was the first at which any account was taken of the manufactures of the country.  It was repeated at the last enumeration, but the returns in both cases were necessarily very imperfect.  They must always be so, resting, of course, only upon the communications voluntarily made by individuals interested in some of the manufacturing establishments.  Yet they contained much valuable information, and may by some supplementary provision of the law be rendered more effective.

The columns of age, commencing from infancy, have hitherto been confined to a few periods, all under the number of 45 years.  Important knowledge would be obtained by extending these columns, in intervals of ten years, to the utmost boundaries of human life.  The labor of taking them would be a trifling addition to that already prescribed, and the result would exhibit comparative tables of longevity highly interesting to the country.  I deem it my duty further to observe that much of the imperfections in the returns of the last and perhaps of preceding enumerations proceeded from the inadequateness of the compensations allowed to the marshals and their assistants in taking them.

In closing this communication it only remains for me to assure the Legislature of my continued earnest wish for the adoption of measures recommended by me heretofore and yet to be acted on by them, and of the cordial concurrence on my part in every constitutional provision which may receive their sanction during the session tending to the general welfare.


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