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Katherine flushed and looked perplexed; but she felt sure that her own secret was safe, for it had always been discussed behind locked doors, and all concerned were too interested in the success of it to betray her confidence.

“I have no knowledge of anything outside of my own province,” she replied.  “I am to read a paper before the league on Tuesday evening.”

“Oh, say! what’s the subject?” Jennie queried, eagerly.

“Don’t you know, dear, it is a rule, in both the Junior and Senior Leagues, that no information regarding what occurs in their meetings can be made public without a vote of the members?” Katherine smilingly inquired.

“Yes; but I’ll never tell,” said the girl, in a confidential tone.

“No, I am sure you will not,” was the laughing retort.

“Oh, you mean you won’t give me a chance,” said Jennie, with a good-natured grimace.  “Well, whatever the subject may be, I am sure the paper will be O. K.”

“Thank you for your confidence in my ability, and, sometime, perhaps, you may be enlightened regarding what is at present a profound secret,” returned Katherine, encouragingly.

“Well, perhaps that is what those girls were talking about, but I’m pretty sure there’s more than that in the wind,” Jennie thoughtfully observed.  “But”—­all on the alert again—­“I’ve found out that the sophs are planning to, kick up a bobbery, too—­”

“Oh, Jennie!” interposed her companion, with laughing reproof.

“Yes, I know; that is awful slang.  But what can you expect of a ‘freshie’?  I’ve got to make the most of my time, too, you know, for when I get to be a junior I’ll have to begin the ’prune and prism’ act,” retorted the girl with a roguish wink.  “Then”—­ suddenly straightening herself, drawing down the corners of her mouth, crossing her eyes, and assuming the air of a would-be prude—­“the prospective infraction of law and order would have to be decorously stated something like this:  ahem!  ’Those irrepressible, irresponsible and notorious sophomores are secretly preparing to engage in exceedingly demoralizing, mischievous and reprehensible behavior, calculated to produce an unpleasant state of perturbation in the atmosphere of our household, inoculate a spirit of anarchy in their fellows, and detract from the dignity of our honored institution.’  How’s that for high?”

“Oh, I believe you are rightly named ’Wild Jennie’!” cried Katherine, laughing heartily, for the girl was irresistible in her drollery.

“All the same,” continued Miss Mischief, resuming her accustomed vivacity, “they really are up to something that will give the teachers a tremendous nightmare one of these fine nights.  You just watch out, Miss Minturn—­I’ve only got an inkling of the plot, but it’s great, and I’m going to be on hand to see it, even if I can’t be in it.”

“Look out, dear, that you do not get involved in something that you will be sorry for afterwards,” cautioned Katherine.

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