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There were fair winds and cloudless skies after that, and nothing more was heard from the defective tooth, which, later, was filled and preserved for future usefulness.


Transcendentalism as elucidated for the junior league.

The following two weeks were unmarked by anything of special interest, and Katherine found her time fully occupied in attending to her daily duties and preparing for the next league meeting.

For a moment, after the second subject, “Transcendentalism,” had been assigned her, she felt “old Adam” beginning to stir resentfully again, for she was impressed that, when the topic came up for discussion, certain members of the club intended to make her the target for more sharpshooting.

But the struggle was short, for the monitor within had declared that “God’s image and likeness could not reflect or manifest anything but love;” when, like a flash, had come the inspiration to treat the subject from a humorous point of view.  She knew that the committee had used the term in its perverted sense, so she would meet them on their own ground, make an hour of fun for the league, and thus, perchance, disarm the aggressive ones and create a better feeling towards herself.

As these thoughts coursed rapidly through her mind during Miss Felton’s gallant defense, she became enthused over the idea, hence the mirthful gleam in her eyes when she arose and accepted the topic, and thus tactfully “poured oil upon the troubled waters.”

In the quiet of her own room, after retiring, her plan began to take a more definite form, and, before the week was out, she had arranged her programme for the evening.

She found that she would be unable to carry it out alone, and so confided her scheme to Sadie, Miss Walton, the president, and Miss Felton, whom she now regarded as stanch friends.  They were delighted with it and heartily lent her their assistance in perfecting it.

It became evident, however, as the day for the meeting drew on apace, that more than usual interest was centered in the event, for, upon two or three occasions, Katherine came suddenly upon a group of the members in earnest conversation, which was instantly cut short, or abruptly changed, when her presence was observed.  Jennie Wild, who was very fond of her, also gave her a hint that something unusual was going on.

“Miss Minturn, what’s the fun that’s brewing in the Junior League?” she inquired, as she encountered Katherine in one of the halls a couple of days previous to the meeting.

“Is there fun brewing?” she inquired, evasively, and wondering if, by any possibility, her own scheme had become known.

“Yes, I am sure there is, for I’ve heard some of the juniors talking about a ‘great time’ that is on the tapis for the next meeting; and—­and your name was mentioned, too,” Jennie concluded, giving her a curious glance.

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