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But Katherine continued to work for several minutes longer, then stole softly to her own couch, where she also was soon locked in slumber, and neither awoke again until the rising bell rang its imperative summons to the duties of a new day.

Katherine was nearly dressed before her roommate manifested any inclination to rise.  She looked bright and serene, however, and there was no swelling or other evidence of the previous night’s broken rest and suffering.

“I believe I’m all right, honey,” she thoughtfully observed, after watching Katherine’s operations in silence for a while.

“Of course you are,” was the cheery response, with a happy heart-throb at the old familiar form of address.

“That was a right smart rumpus, though,” Sadie added, in her Southern phraseology.

“The less said about it the better,” was the brief reply.


“Because it is nothing now, and you neither need nor wish to live it over.”

“I reckon I don’t.  But, do you believe you cured me?”

“I know that I did not; but I also know that God healed you.”

“But you did something.”

“Yes—­what I did was—­well, you may call it prayer, if you like.  But I think we must not talk about it because of Prof.  Seabrook’s command, which I am inclined to think I may have already broken in the letter if not in the spirit,” said Katherine, gravely.

“Well—­I don’t—­know.  It all seems very queer to me!” Sadie observed, reflectively, as she slipped out of bed and began to dress.  “I wouldn’t have believed I could feel so well this morning though.  I’m as fresh as a daisy, and my face isn’t at all swollen.  I can’t understand it.  I’m inclined to think that—­after all, the ache just ached itself out and left of its own accord.”

Katherine smiled faintly but did not pursue the subject.

“I’m downright obliged to you, Katherine, for being so kind and patient with me in the night,” the girl resumed, after a few moments of silence; “and—­honey,” suddenly facing her and looking her straight in the eyes, though her cheeks were crimson, “I feel mighty mean over our tiff the other day, and—­and about what happened last night in the league.”

“Never mind, Sadie—­it is all past now—­” Katherine began.

“But I shall mind; I’m going to eat the whole of my humble pie,” interposed Sadie, between a laugh and a sob, “for I—­I was in the plot with the others.  You see, I hadn’t quite gotten over the other affair, and—­”

“But you have now, Sadie?” Katherine interrupted, “wistfully.

“How could I help it when you’ve been so perfectly sweet?  Only I want—­”

“Well, then I’m happy!” cried Katherine, with a joyous laugh, “and I’m not going to let you eat any more ‘humble pie,’ for—­the North and the South are reunited, and that cancels everything.”

“Katherine, you are the dearest—­” But Sadie’s voice broke suddenly, and to cover her emotion she bounded into the closet and began a vigorous search for some needed article.

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