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“Nonsense!  It was simply hypnotism, mesmerism,” said the elder man when he concluded.

“No, it did not work at all like hypnotism,” was the positive reply.  “However, if you are opposed to trying it, there is nothing more to be said.”

“I am opposed to it, most decidedly,” said the professor, almost harshly, and his brother wondered at his unusual mood.  “I believe the whole thing—­root, branch and practice—­to be an invention of Satan himself, and I would not give it countenance under any circumstances.”

“Not even to save your nearest and dearest?” queried Phillip Stanley, and wholly unable to account for the excitement and irritability of his usually dignified and high-bred relative.

The professor deigned no reply, but the obstinate frown upon his brow and the stern compression of his lips were sufficient warning that it would be useless to pursue the subject.

“Well, it was only a suggestion, Will,” the younger man said, in a friendly tone.  “Of course, I have no real faith in the efficacy of the method myself; only, as I shrink from the operation on a delicate girl like Dorrie, it occurred to me that we might at least give Christian Science a trial.  But I must be off to meet another appointment.  I will be up again to-morrow morning to stay with Dorothy while you and Emilie go to church.”

He held out his hand, which his brother-in-law grasped and wrung.

“You are a faithful friend, Phil.  Don’t think for a moment that I do not appreciate you; but I believe I’ve been out of sorts for several days,” said the professor, with a deprecatory smile.

“It’s all right, old boy; good-by,” was the cheery response, as the young man went out, softly closing the door after him, but with a weary look in his eyes which the other did not see.


Katherine’s first sabbath at Hilton.

Katherine’s first Sabbath at Hilton Seminary dawned a perfect winter morning, and, starting forth in good season, she sought the little hall on Grove Street, where the few Scientists of the city met each week to enjoy the service which has become so dear to the heart of every student of God’s word, as spiritually interpreted according to Christian Science.

She had carefully studied the lesson during the week, and was therefore prepared to enjoy to the utmost each section as its point was clearly brought out by the readers, to teach and bless; and so, when she again turned her steps homeward, she felt calmed, refreshed and strengthened for the duties that lay before her.

As she was about to enter the building she encountered Prof. and Mrs. Seabrook, who also had just returned from church.

The former glanced askance at her books, lifted his hat to her with frigid politeness, and passed on to his study.

Mrs. Seabrook, however, paused and greeted her most cordially, whereupon Katherine inquired for Dorothy.

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