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Katherine, as we know, had broken every barrier down before her junior year expired, and during the present one not a cloud had gathered to mar her relations with her associates; while, having lived her religion, Christian Science had grown to be respected by the whole school, especially after it became known what had produced the wonderful change in Dorothy, who did not seem like the same girl, and was now able to get about quite nimbly with the aid of crutches.

The last all-important day arrived, and the retiring seniors “did themselves proud” in their “grand final parade” before the public, receiving their floral tributes and diplomas with pretty, consequential airs and smiles of supreme content, singing their last songs, but wiping away a furtive tear or two which the suggestive melodies evoked; then their reign at Hilton was over.

After the class was dismissed, as Katherine was gathering up her flowers to take them to her room, she glanced at the cards attached to the various offerings.  One bore “With dear love from father and mother”; another was from “Sadie,” and a third from “Dorothy.”

She stood in thoughtful silence for a moment after reading these names, a look of perplexity on her young face, a little shadow dimming her pretty brown eyes.

“I wonder,” she began; then, suddenly cutting herself short, she threw back her small head with an unaccustomed air, and with a bright red spot on either cheek, went straight to her room,

“Bless your heart, honey!  Whatever has given you such a magnificent color?” Sadie exclaimed, as Katherine opened the door, to find her roommate trying to dispose of the wealth of flowers that had poured in upon her from all sources.

“Have I more than usual?” she inquired, putting one hand over a hot cheek, which began to take on an even deeper hue.

“Indeed you have, and it’s mighty becoming to you.  You are perfectly stunning, and I’d like a picture of you as you look now,” and the girl’s appreciative glance swept over the graceful figure in its trailing white dress, the brilliant flowers encircled with one fair arm and the beautiful face all aglow with its unaccustomed color.  “Well,” she went on, with a satisfied sigh, “it is all over, ami mia, and I’m sure we made a downright splendid show, to say nothing about the honor we heaped upon ourselves, with our essays, poems, class history, singing, etc.  I was proud of it all.  Now for the grand finale to-night, and that, I suppose, will end our school life.  Heigh-ho! aren’t you just a little bit sorry, Kathleen mavourneen?”

“Yes, of course; one cannot help feeling the breaking away; er—­ Sadie, was Dr. Stanley in the audience this afternoon?”

Miss Minot shot a quick, comprehensive look from under her long lashes at her companion, who had turned a little from her and was now apparently gazing out of a window.

“O-h!  I see!” she ejaculated, reflectively, after an instant of hesitation.

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