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Clarence Young
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“Take it all,” advised Ned, who, perhaps, felt a little vindictive at Bob, because of that youth’s lucky escape from displeasing the girls by unfortunate remarks.

“No, thank you, we don’t want to rob him,” said Olivia.

At that moment a shrill whistle sounded just behind the rowboats and the girls turned around to see what it was.  Ned and Jerry, from the position in which they sat to handle the oars had seen a motor boat approaching, and they had stopped using the blades to watch its approach.

“Oh, that’s the Ripper!” exclaimed Rose.  “And Charlie Farson is all alone in her.  Maybe he’ll give us a ride.”

“Who is Charlie Farson?” asked Jerry of Nellie.

“He’s a friend of Rose.  He lives in San Francisco, but he is staying with his uncle at a bungalow about two miles from where we are.  He owns that motor boat, and it’s the biggest and fastest on this part of the coast.  Sometimes he takes us out with him.  I hope he does so now.  He’s headed right this way.”

“Um,” grunted Jerry, not altogether pleased that a young fellow with a motor boat should come along, and claim the girls who, of course, would naturally prefer a power craft to one propelled by oars.

Rose waved her handkerchief and, in answer the captain of the Ripper sent out three shrill blasts as a salute.

“Oh, isn’t that fine!  He’s coming over here!” exclaimed Rose.  “I’ll introduce you boys to him.”

Neither Ned nor Bob looked very pleased at the prospect of meeting a youth who might be a rival in entertaining the girls, but there was no help for it.

On came the Ripper, and, as she approached, the motor boys could not help admiring her.  The craft was powerful and swift, much more so than the Dartaway had been.  It was considerably larger, too, and had an enclosed cabin.

“That’s a dandy!” exclaimed Jerry in spite of himself.

“It’s a peach!” was Ned’s half-spoken comment.

“All to the mustard!” came Bob’s characteristic comment.

“Want a ride, or a tow?” called Charlie Farson, when he got within hailing distance, and he slowed down his craft.

“I guess we’ll ride, if you’ll tow our boats,” replied Rose, for she knew the young fellow fairly well.

“All right, come aboard.”

By this time the Ripper was quite close, and, in another moment it had come alongside of the boat containing Rose, Olivia, Ned and Bob.

“These are some friends of ours from the east,” said Rose, introducing Ned and Bob, “There’s another one, in that boat with Nellie,” she went on, telling Jerry’s name.

“I’m sure I’m glad to meet you all,” said Charlie Farson, with such good nature, that the boys could feel no resentment toward him.  “Come aboard, and we’ll go for a spin.  I guess it will be best to anchor your two boats here and you can pick them up when we come back.  We can make better time then.”

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